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Inventory System & Asset Tracking System for EMS and Fire Rescue Departments

Passport allows for flexible and complete barcode inventory control for emergency medical services (EMS), relief organizations and fire rescue departments.

Track macro-level stock items such as emergency cot sheets, medication, and defibrillators down to detailed expiration date and lot information. Passport's ease-of-use and intuitive design is what differentiates itself from other emergency-focused systems.

Emergency Medical Services and Fire Rescue Departments need to know the specific location information for advanced life-saving equipment. RFID tags allow for this. Passport allows firefighters and other concurrent users to define as many locations as needed, such as specific stock rooms, vehicles, fire stations, ambulances and more.

EMS & Fire Rescue Tracking Features

Passport for emergency medical services (EMS), relief organizations and fire departments offers the following benefits.

  • Maintain medical inventory without overstocking or expiring

  • Perform inventory management, storage, and preservation

  • Centralize material management across fire departments and emergency ambulances.

  • Eliminate duplicated data entry errors caused by firefighters and medical staff.

  • Run auto-replenish reports to quickly determine which products are needed at each hospital/clinic, physician's office, fire station, ambulance, etc.

  • Each product at each location can have its own reorder point and order-up-to level

  • Improve firefighter and medical staff productivity

  • Review and verify quantities received against bills of lading, contracts, purchase requests, and shipping documents

  • Establish and maintain stock records and other documents such as inventory, material control, accounting, and supply reports

  • Perform healthcare inventory and financial management procedures, including ordering, receiving, and storing supplies

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