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Asset Tracking for the Energy Industry

Passport automates asset tracking for companies in the solar, natural gas, and oil industries using modern barcode technology. Manage your IT equipment, tools, and storage bins such as chemical drums through Passport’s easy-to-use interface and configurable system features. Passport increases visibility over the management of equipment within your company so that equipment lasts longer and missing assets are accounted for.

ASAP Passport is suitable for all divisions in the energy industry including:

Solar Energy Asset Management Oil, Gas, and Chemical Drums Tracking System
Complete Barcode-Based System for Solar Assets and Oil and Chemical Drums Inventory

9 out of 10 energy
customers who demo
our system find that it fulfills their specific
tracking needs



  • Track assets by location
  • Track whether equipment is active or inactive
  • Track by serial, model, or barcode number
  • Enable data field renaming
  • Enable addition of new items in the field
  • Assign equipment categories, such as solar parts or oil drills
  • Conduct standard reports for depreciation
  • Increased Accountability and Control
  • Conduct physical inventory of solar panels, oil
    barrels, chemical drums, and more
  • Reconcile physical inventory to book inventory
  • Save photos of equipment such as chemical drums,
    oil drills, and solar parts
  • Maintain solar and oil equipment cost records
  • Generate management reports
  • Schedule asset maintenance
  • Schedule transfers to other locations
  • Record notes for each asset
  • Print barcode labels and catalogs
  • Export data via PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, etc
  • Use barcode scanners, smartphones, or tablets
  • Work with virtually all types of equipment labels
  • No programming required
  • User configurable to your specifications

Asset Tracking for Energy Industries

Here are several commonly tracked assets in the energy industry, ranging from tools, trucks, and phones, to imporant documents and employees. Tracking your equipment helps save money by increasing accountability and management control, and eliminating lost or misplaced equipment incidents.

Tool Tracking

Keep an audit trail via barcode scanning
of who had an item for every time it was
moved,   giving    immediate    access   to
current and past locations. Check in/out
solar   and   oil   equipment   to    certain
individuals on the go.
Tool Tracking System for Solar, Oil, and other Energy Industries

Equipment and Vehicle Management System

Equipment & Vehicle Tracking

Configure the system to track solar, oil,
gas,   and    chemical    equipment   and
vehicles  your  way  by  renaming   data
fields, assigning equipment categories,
and attaching documents and pictures.

Smartphones & Tablets

Energy  managers  can   track   assets  quickly
and easily with mobile handheld scanners, as
wells as smartphone devices and Tablet PC's
to check in, check out, locate, scan and track
assets—anytime, anywhere.
Barcode-Based, Mobile Management using Barcode Scanners, Smartphones, and Tablets
Furniture and IT Equipment Tracking with Barcode Scanning

IT Assets & Furniture

Identify and track all expensive IT equipment
using    serial,    model,   asset,   and   barcode
numbers.  Also schedule  asset  maintenance,
cleaning, and  calibrations   to   eliminate  and
prevent missed maintenance schedules.

Document Tracking

You  can  even  track  documents  such as
delivery    receipts,    stored     documents,
medical    records,    financial   records   or
legal records.
Document Tracking and Management System
Employee Tracking

Employee Tracking

The ability to track time duration at a site
location,   or    simply    track   patients or
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