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Inventory Management with Barcode Scanning System for your Solar Company's Stockroom

Inventory Management for Solar Companies

Barcode-Based Features

  • Min-Max inventory alerts
  • Multi-site functionality
  • Serialized stock tracking
  • Import data from Excel
  • Manage assemblies and kits
  • Automatic reorder
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning

Inventory Management for Solar Companies

Inventory management for solar companies has been made easy with Passport. Accurately track stock consumed in assembling solar panels or other equipment with barcode scanning capabilities. Passport gives you complete control over your stockroom to save your team time conducting physical inventory and save you money on purchasing decisions.

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Stockroom Management with Barcode Scanning System for Solar Companies

Inventory Management Video for Solar Companies

Watch to see a few of the ways Passport effectively manages stock for solar companies' stockrooms within the energy sector. Passport accommodates all types of inventory used in the creation of solar energy such as serialized, standard, batch-lot, and serialized with quantity.