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ASAP Systems Passport enables enterprise companies to manage virtually any amount of inventory and assets by using role-based permissions to help staff track items across multiple locations while keeping information on a need to know basis.

Industry Solutions

Unlimited Scalability

Passports’ advanced customization capabilities allows you to handle virtually any amount of data with ease. Support for over 40 fields per item enables you to log complex inventory data such as stock inventory expiration dates, inventory locations, SKU numbers, and much more.

The scalable asset tracking capabilities of Passport enable staff to check out large quantities of items and establish a chain of custody to reduce loss and keep equipment costs low. You can use as many barcode scanning devices as needed to track virtually any type of supply whether it’s information technology equipment, fixed assets, heavy machinery and much more.

Multi-Site Equipment Management Capabilities

Passport’s location support enables you to track assets whether they are stored in multiple rooms across your building or if they’re stored across offices throughout the world. Inventory management and asset tracking software enables you to monitor key data points from a single location.

Advanced Security

Passport enables enterprise companies to use security groups. This allows you to segment your personnel by role and can only access the group(s) they are assigned to. Here are a couple of practical applications:

  • Give the accounting department access to cost and purchase order data while stockroom staff are only given access to SKU numbers and other general information.

  • Enable administrators to view item custody history while staff only have access to the information needed to make equipment reservations.

Founded in 1925, Shure Incorporated is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics. When any of their endorsed bands needs gear for an upcoming show, Shure’s artist relations’ department finds the necessary product in their inventory, ships it to the band, and make sure the product is ready for use when it is returned.

Shure Inc.

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