Keep User Accounts Organized and Synchronized

Microsoft's Active Directory allows a centralized, standardized network service for user management integration. Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System leverages this service by allowing the user to have accounts, login authentication, and single sign-on capabilities, so that there is no need to double manage user accounts. You choose the level of integration from simple account information import to allowing single sign-on for your Asset Tracking and Inventory System.

Active Directory Import

Use Asset Tracking and Inventory System's active directory integration to import user login details such as accounts, Microsoft login authentication, and single sign-on capabilities so that it is easier to integrate a list of user information. After logging into your account and selecting the Integration Settings, choose Active Directory Tab, select the users group and press Sync.

Active Directory Integration for Inventory

Active Directory Integration Video

Learn how our AD Integration Feature gives you the ability to integrate your users from AD to our Asset Tracking and Inventory System in few easy steps which include the integration settings, importing AD accounts to the customers files in the system and processing the Sync.

Active Directory Users and Groups

  • Total AD Users are available in Active Directory. They are labeled with a username and site. Some are active while others are inactive.

  • AD Users Not Synced that do not exist in the Asset Tracking and Inventory System or have not been synced will appear here.

  • Synced AD Users only show users that have been synced.

  • Inactive Users/Person from AD are in Passport but not in Active Directory. This list of users was added manually.

  • AD Multi-Group Users belong to multiple groups. These users would appear twice if they belong to two groups.

  • Passport Multi-Group Users contain users who are admins and simultaneously standard users in another group.

AD Sync Integration

Active Directory Import and Integration Capabilities

  • Connect to any Microsoft server.

  • Connect by domain name

  • Enter the Microsoft username and password

  • Schedule a customized integration data synchronization.

  • Import Microsoft user account status

  • Import department information associated with users

  • Import users' address

  • Update asset's location

  • Single sign-on: auto login to Passport when user logs into Active Directory.

Take a tour of Passport to see how it can work for your needs.

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