Industry Solutions

Inventory Management and Asset Tracking for Government

The Public Sector, Military and  Law Enforcement

ASAP Passport's ability to be customized according to your industry needs makes it a perfect fit for state and local government agencies.

ASAP Passport can track any quantity–based item such as pencils and expendable supplies, as well as unique items such as laptops, cell phones and important documents.

Here are some examples of ASAP Passport's strength and diversity in the public sector:

Document Tracking

ASAP Passport's easy-to-use system gives users the tools you need to systematically track, locate, and manage files quickly and easily.  The system allows staff to be ready for deadlines with critical information, eliminating duplicate files and version-control file issues.  In addition to improving productivity and saving time, you'll have the up-to-date location on every file you maintain whether in the office or in records archives.

Building Permits

ASAP Passport will make handling building permits an easy, automated and integrated task. Track detailed building permit information.  View comments from plan examiners and inspectors in real time, as they are entered into the system via phone or computer.

Fire Safety

Passport can track everything in a fire house, including the fire department's municipal responsibilities such as fire permits, inspections and citations.  Fire departments and EMS agencies have to keep track of a wide range of equipment and operational information.  ASAP Passport uses an integrated database, RFID tags, barcode labels and graphical user interface so data is entered only one time and accurately.  ASAP Passport tracks every aspect of inventory such as equipment, out of service equipment, consumables, pharmaceuticals, expiration dates and maintenance details.

Parks and Recreation

ASAP Passport offers value, technological superiority and flexibility to parks and recreation management professionals.  ASAP Passport is a comprehensive maintenance management system that automates parks and recreation or public works functions by tracking labor, equipment, materials and contract costs used to maintain trees, facilities, vehicles, park benches, recreational equipment, parking tickets and landscaping.  This software system includes: personnel management; facilities, vehicle/equipment and landscaping maintenance; inventory; systems administration.


ASAP Passport software allows you to maintain a simple, yet detailed account of maintenance yards and perform preventative maintenance scheduling of high-value high-use assets.  ASAP Passport can save countless hours of manual reporting and provide you with all your equipment maintenance information quickly and easily.

State and Local Government

ASAP Passport for inventory management and asset tracking software for state and local government and the public sector:

  • Keep an accurate count of stock items and know exactly when to reorder
  • Use a hand-held barcode scanner to scan barcoded products when they arrive
  • Use RFID and barcode to track of who is using something, where it's being used and how much is left
  • Categorize equipment using numerous classifications that you can create on your own
  • Run reports that evaluate your inventory in any way that you stipulate
  • Scale the system to fit current and future needs
  • Automatically capture data and create detailed reports
  • Create detailed statements
  • Learn once use multiple times
  • View detailed information for a particular asset, item or document
  • Search for assets, items or documents by location

Armory Storage Tracking


Passport's serialized inventory and asset tracking system is the perfect fit for your tracking and accountability needs.  The system was built to solve "effective accountability processes for weapons." Prior to using ASAP Passport our customers faced issues such as:

  • Facilities manned additional duty positions due to lack of accurate automation
  • Facilities used manual paper login, checkout and checking processes
  • Manual software usage of Excel spreadsheets that is always prone to human errors
  • In-house built access systems by individuals who are no longer present and can no longer maintain these systems
  • Non–unified Weapon Handling Culture or Program Management or Standard Work

The benefits of resolving these issues using ASAP Passport include:

  • Increased accountability
  • Less manned duty positions
  • Comprehensive tracking
  • Adherence to a permanent standard
  • Shared reporting
  • Locked editing on historical documentation

Additional Solutions

ASAP Passport also provides solutions for the following areas:

  • Building Departments
  • Emergency Response
  • Facilities Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Public Works
  • Transportation Department
  • Treatment Plants
  • Waste & Recycle Management


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