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Inventory Tracking System for EMS

Passport is a dependable and efficient barcoding system that allows EMS to track medical supplies, medications, and disposables to help reduce shrinkage and make sure ambulances are always stocked when emergencies occur. Passport allows you to track items using batch-lot numbers with expiration dates and efficiently manage their use with the ability to receive min and max stock inventory alerts when it is time to reorder specific consumable items.

Ambulance Inventory Management Video

Watch how Passport for EMS tracks consumable inventory medical items, medication, and other supplies on an ambulance using RFID and barcode scanners. The quick video illustrates the process of performing receive, move, and issue transactions. Contact us for more details regarding inventory tracking for EMS companies.

Emergency Medical Services

Inventory Tracking Features

  • Min/Max Alerts on when to reorder

  • Track medication via batch-lot numbers

  • Track inventory using expiration dates

  • Current inventory level reporting

  • Email/SMS alerts when inventory low to reorder

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