EMS Asset Tracking System

Asset Tracking System for EMS

Asset Tracking Features

  • Check out/in with due dates
  • Keep track of asset maintenance
  • Import & export excel data
  • Multi-site functionality
  • Keep asset photos and cost records
  • Report on asset location & user

Asset Tracking System for EMS

In order to respond to emergency calls as quickly as possible, county EMS departments use the Passport asset tracking system. Passport automatically tracks equipment in real-time so that missions run smoothly and emergency resources arrive ready-for-use at multiple locations. Manage the use of emergency vehicles, radios, computers, defibrillators, generators, training equipment, and more within a secure, centralized database.

9 out of 10 government
customers who demo
our system find that it fulfills their specific
tracking needs


EMS Asset Tracking Video

Local Government Asset Tracking Video

Take a look at how Passport fits asset management obligations for local government entities, including EMS. Improve operational efficiency and profitability with a complete asset management system for local government.