Asset Tracking for the State Government

ASAP Systems' Passport provides an easy-to-use and configurable asset tracking system with barcode scanning for state governments to track expensive equipment such as vehicles, laptops, computers, and cellphones. Keep up-to-date with calibration by scheduling maintenance and increase accountability with asset tracking, by location, serial numbers, checking out and in to individuals, and more. Additionally, our system provides quick and easy access to systematically track, manage, and locate significant documents and files for immediate use.

ASAP Passport is suitable for all agencies within the State Government including:

  • State Supreme Courts
  • County Courts
  • Superior Courts
  • Business and Commerce
  • Public Services
Asset and Inventory Management System with Barcode Scanning
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State Government System Features

  • Search for assets, items or documents by location
  • Track whether an asset is active or inactive
  • Track serial and model number via barcode
  • Enable data field renaming
  • Enable addition of new items in the field
  • Assign asset and inventory categories
  • Conduct standard reports for depreciation
  • Increased Accountability and Control
  • Conduct physical inventory with barcode scanning
  • User configurable to your specifications
  • Reconcile physical inventory to book inventory
  • Keep asset photographs
  • Categorize equipment using numerous
         classifications that you can create on your own
  • View detailed information for a particular asset,
          item or document
  • Keep an accurate count of inventory items
         and know exactly when to reorder
  • Create detailed statements
  • Learn once use multiple times
  • Maintain asset cost records
  • Generate management reports
  • Schedule asset maintenance
  • Schedule transfers to other locations
  • Record notes for each asset
  • Print barcode labels and barcode catalogs
  • Export data via PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, etc
  • Use barcode scanners, smartphones, or tablets
  • Work with virtually all types of asset labels
  • No programming required
  • Use RFID and barcode to track of who is using
         something, where it's being used and how much
         is left
  • Run reports that evaluate your inventory
         in any way that you stipulate
  • Scale the system to fit current and future needs
  • Automatically capture data and create
        detailed reports with barcode scanning
  • Use a hand-held barcode scanner to scan
         products into the system immediately

Asset Tracking for the State Government

Track various assets in the government industry ranging from tools, trucks and phones, to important documents and employees. Thus, by using our system, government agencies save money by increasing accountability, management control, and by eliminating the risk of lost or misplaced assets.

Equipment Tracking

Keep an audit trail of who had an item for every time it was moved via barcode scan, providing immediate access to asset location and the ability to check out and in equipment to government employees. You can also track out-of-service equipment, and maintenance details.
Asset and Inventory Management System with Barcode Technology

Vehicle Tracking by Department

Vehicle Tracking

Configure the system to track vehicles by renaming asset data fields, assigning asset categories, and attaching documents and pictures. In addition, schedule and perform maintenance on vehicles and keep track of maintenance history for easy vehicle management.

Smartphones and Tablets

Track assets quickly and easily with mobile handheld scanners, as well as smartphone devices and tablet PC's used to check out, check in, locate, scan, and track assets by department—anytime, anywhere.
Government Asset Management with Smartphone and Tablet Scanning
Government IT Asset Management

IT Assets and Furniture Tracking

Identify and track expensive IT Assets using serial numbers, model numbers, asset numbers and barcode. Also, schedule asset maintenance and calibrated events to eliminate and prevent missed maintenance schedules using configurable milestones.

Document Tracking

Track any important documents such as delivery receipts, medical records, financial records, legal records, building permits, or office archives.
Document Tracking and Management by Department
Government Employee Tracking By Department

People Tracking

Track and move people that are assigned to a specific room within a specific facility.
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