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Asset Tracking System for Fire Departments

Passport helps fire fighters be well equipped when emergencies occur by effectively automating the tracking of fire department assets using barcode scanners for data collection. This system ensures that all assets such as uniforms, safety gear, and radio equipment are ready-for-use and accounted for to save departments time and money.

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Equipment and Radio Asset Tracking

Watch how to use our system to track assets such as radios and firefighting equipment on and off a fire engine using RFID and barcode scanners. In the video illustrates the process of performing a receive, move, and issue transaction. Contact us for more details regarding inventory and asset tracking for fire departments.

Fire Departments

Asset Tracking Features

  • Check out/in with due dates

  • Keep track of asset maintenance

  • Import & export excel data

  • Multi-site functionality

  • Keep asset photos and cost records

  • Report on asset location & user

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