Inventory, Asset, and Item Tracking System

ASAP Systems is changing how government organizations manage inventory and track assets. Passport allows departments to know 24/7 the location and status of equipment and stock, both in and out of the office through mobile barcode technology. Learn how our inventory management and asset tracking system has saved local, municipal, state, and federal government agencies valuable time and money.

Government Inventory Management

Gain complete stock control in offices, warehouses, supply rooms, storage facilities, work vehicles, voting poll locations and more.

Government Asset

Track all your assets including furniture, documents, tools, vehicles, voting equipment, and people in one easy-to-use system with barcode scanning.

Advanced Features

Track medicine and supplies using expiration dates and keep track of equipment loaned to people and places using Passport with barcode scanning.

Case Studies

See how the Vancouver Police Department automated the tracking and management of thousands of police inventory and assets.

Local, Municipal, State, and Federal Government Inventory and Assets

Quantity Tracking

  • Multi-site functionality to receive,
    move, and issue out inventory
    from multiple locations
  • Quick barcode or RFID scanning for large warehouse stock counts and monthly or quarterly audits for all government levels, even federal
  • Cost savings from reduced stock inventory levels

Inventory Purchase Orders

  • Integrates with QuickBooks out of the box
  • Generate Purchase Orders for faster and easier operations
  • Maintains Cost of standard stock
  • Records vendor information and prints receipts

Inventory Levels

  • View global and local inventory levels
  • Create Alerts to keep tabs on low inventory and overstock situations
  • Smartphone/tablet access and barcode scanning for true mobility

Inventory Reporting

  • Provides municipal management with quick and easy access to real-time reports
  • Share reports to designated personnel via text and email
  • Gain insight with data analytics

Watch Inventory and Asset Overview Videos

Passport Overview

Watch a brief overview on how Passport meets inventory control requirements for the government, including the department of transportation

Tracking Solution

Passport helps a variety of federal, state, local, and municipal government agencies by giving all departments the ability to keep track of consumable stock as well as IT assets such as servers, computers, printers, and monitors, all with barcode scanning.

See what people are saying about ASAP Systems

"Passport has been a tremendous asset in tracking supplies to our fire stations and giving management a good idea of how much each station is spending. We will use the system to standardize the apparatuses in the department as far as tools. We are taking the next step in the usage of ASAP Passport now that the tracking system has proven itself and we are very pleased."

City of Arlington
Texas Fire Department

“I enjoyed working with the sales engineers and the entire staff at ASAP Systems as a whole throughout the process of implementing the Passport inventory system. It has been fortuitous that we selected ASAP Systems to accommodate our inventory and asset tracking needs. ”

Jeffery Youngsma, Staff Captain/Paramedic
Fremont Fire Department

“Over the last couple of years its helped us save money by not overstocking items or in the ability to find items that are spread out over two warehouses, and we it was great in tracking grant awarded items, run reports for auditing purposes and attach pictures and documentation associated to the asset all in one place. ”

Timmi Winther, Fleet Manager
Vancouver Police Department

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