Inventory Management for the State Government

This inventory management and asset tracking solution is easily configurable, making it a perfect fit for state government agencies and departments looking to automate their inventory operations using barcode technology. Improve the process of tracking all stock items used in state-funded hospitals and a variety of state goverment departments in order to optimize inventory control, reduce shrinkage and better monitor when items need to be reordered and restocked.

Our barcode-based system is suitable for all agencies within the State Government, including:

  • State Supreme Courts
  • County Courts
  • District Courts
  • Business and Commerce
  • Public Services
State government barcode-based tracking system
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State Government Inventory Features

  • Single Warehouse or Multiple Warehouses
  • Mobile Management, Access, and Barcode      Scanning
  • Track all stock/supplies for multiple departments
  • Receive Using Purchase Order (PO) or Without PO
  • Reduced Time to Receive and Issue Out Inventory
  • Receive to a Default Location or to a Scanned
  • Receive Using Unit Of Measure (UOM) Multiplier
  • Manage Kits and Assemblies
  • Cost Savings From Reduced Stock Levels
  • Elimination of Errors Caused by Book-based
  • Elimination of Unexpected Stock Shortages
  • Allows Same Stock Number at Multiple Locations
  • Records all Stock Issued by Destination
  • Issue to Customers / Jobs / Production / Scrap
  • Scale the system to fit current and future needs
  • Use a hand-held barcode scanner to scan barcoded
          products when they arrive
  • Create detailed statements
  • Run reports that evaluate your inventory
          in any way that you stipulate
  • View detailed information for a particular asset,
          item or document
  • Barcode Scanner Data Transfer via USB cradle,
         Wi-Fi or 3G mobile
  • Issue Against Sales Order (SO) or Without SO
  • Provides Global and Local Stock Levels
  • Maintain Standard Inventory Cost
  • Supports Random and Dedicated Putaway
  • Maintain Supplier Information
  • Categorize Raw Materials, WIP, Finished Goods
  • Automatic Reorder Quantity
  • Keep an accurate count of stock items and know      exactly when to reorder
  • Reconcile Physical Inventory to Book Inventory
  • First In First Out (FIFO) Control
  • Generate Custom Management Reports
  • Data Export via Excel, Text, HTML, etc
  • Print Barcode Labels and Catalogs
  • User Configurable to Your Specifications
  • Categorize equipment using numerous
          classifications that you can create on your own
  • Automatically capture data and create detailed
  • Easy system integration into state government      processes
  • Search for assets, items or documents by location
  • Use RFID and barcode tags for accurate
         government-funded supply tracking
  • Create Stock Lists, Bill Of Materials
        (BOM), and Pick Lists

Advanced Inventory for the State Government

Passport adds value to all departments within the state government by scaling the system to fit current and future needs, and by providing an efficient solution for inventory task and lifecycle management. Accurately track government-funded stock items such as office supplies, vehicle parts, and medication. Advanced state govermenment stock types include serialized, batch-lot, serialized with quantity, and non-inventory.

Standard Inventory

All state government departments and agencies track and manage standard inventory items that are constantly received and issued out by a stock number including office supplies, printing cartridges, printing paper, and uniforms. In addition, the same stock number can be used at different locations.
Standard Inventory Tracking

Serialized barcode tracking system

Serialized Inventory

State government supplies that are uniquely tagged with an ID or serial number and need to be quantified. Such items included appliances, cellphones, laptops, computers, chemical drums, and vehicle parts for repairs.

Batch–lot Inventory

Use a batch-lot number or code to track departments' stock items with expiration dates such as food, batteries, and medical supplies.
State funded batch-lot supplies

Serialized with quantity barcode items

Serialized with Quantity

Serialized with quantity inventory allows departments to track the stock of a uniquely identified item, such as a medication bottle with pills, rolls of paper, and textile materials used up over time.

Non-Inventory Items

Track anything that you would issue out but not receive such as tracking and issuing currency.
Items only issued out by state departments
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