Inventory Management for the Federal Government

Our inventory management and tracking system helps the government industry improve profitability by automating operational inventory procedures to save time and money. From stock control to immediate access, our system helps the federal government monitor when inventory items need to be reordered to prevent and reduce unexpected stock shortages. Reduce human data entry errors by taking advantage of barcode scanning capabilities and manage inventory effectively using an all-around intuitive system.

Manage inventory in all agencies within the Federal Government:

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Justice
Inventory Management

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Federal Government Inventory Features

  • Single Warehouse or Multiple Warehouses
  • Mobile Access and Barcode Scanning
  • Track All Stock Recieved with Barcode Scanning
  • Receive Using Purchase Order (PO) or Without PO
  • Reduced Time to Receive and Issue Out Inventory
  • Issue Against Sales Order (SO) or Without SO
  • Provides Global and Local Stock Levels
  • Maintain Standard Inventory Cost
  • Supports Random and Dedicated Putaway
  • Maintain Supplier Information

Inventory Management Types for the Federal Government

Passport for Inventory management offers the ability to successfully manage all types of inventory. Federal government users have the option to track all types of inventory via barcode scanning such as standard, serialized, batch-lot, serialized with quantity, and non-inventory items.

Standard inventory management

All forms of the government track and manage inventory that is constantly being received and issued out. With standard government inventory, stock inventory items can be issued out by a stock number, and the same stock number can be used at multiple and different locations.
Standard Inventory Management

Serialized inventory management

Serialized inventory

Serial inventory refers to stock that is uniquely tagged with an ID or serial number and allowed to be quantified. Keep track of all such items with barcode technology, including appliances, electronic equipment, cellphones, laptops, tablets, and computers.

Batch–lot inventory

Use a batch-lot number or code to track stock items with expiration dates associated with government-related stock inventory such as food, batteries, and medical supplies.
Batch–lot inventory

Serialized with Quantity

Serialized with Quantity

Serialized with quantity inventory allows tracking the stock of a uniquely identified item, such as a medication bottle with pills, rolls of paper, ad textile materials with the material used up over time.

Non-Inventory Items

Track anything that you would issue out yet not receive, such as tracking and issuing currency.
Non Inventory Items
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