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Inventory Tracking System for State Hospitals

ASAP Systems helps a number of state hospitals track medical and lab supplies using batch-lot numbers with expiration dates, especially with medication related inventory items using barcode scanners, barcode printer and a complete desktop solution called Passport. Passport helps reduce shrinkage and allocates medical resources in the most efficient way by keeping an accurate count of how much of an item is currently on-hand, when to reorder and how much was used up. Monitor min and max levels by location and generate daily reports displaying when inventory levels are below or over.

Watch a video on our inventory tracking for health care

ASAP Systems offers inventory and asset tracking system designed to provide all sizes of businesses, hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, healthcare, government with efficient inventory operations. This video is a demo of a mobile component of our health care equipment and medical supplies mobile barcode platform.

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  • Email/SMS alert module for low inventory and when to restock

  • Reporting on current inventory levels

  • Track inventory with batch-lot numbers and expiration dates

  • Min-Max levels giving insight on when to reorder

  • Barcode technology

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