Mobile Barcode Scanners

A generation leap forward in ease of use, operating efficiencies and accurate transactions, the Passport mobile app offers graphical menu choices and logical, configurable data collection fields plus quick and easy scanning and data entry via keypad or stylus. Our mobile app runs on these commercial, off-the-shelf hand-held mobile barcode scanners:

Rugged Mobile Computers

Zebra MC67 Mobile Computer

Zebra MC67

  • High Speed Cellular & WiFi Connections
  • 3.5 in. display screen
  • Scans 1D & 2D barcodes
  • Windows Mobile
  • Datasheet | Overview
Unitech PA692 Mobile Computer

Unitech PA692

  • Withstands 5 ft. drop to concrete
  • Scans 1D & 2D barcodes
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, 3.75G connectivity
  • 3.8in. LCD display
  • Datasheet | Overview


  • Rugged - withstands 4.1ft drops to concrete
  • Compatible with MC55/MC65/MC67 Mobile computers
  • High-efficiency
  • Superior read range and cover area
  • Datasheet | Overview

1128 Bluetooth RFID Reader

  • UHF RFID Scanning for multiple devices
  • 1D and 2D data scanning
  • Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices, including enterprise handhelds, smart phones, tablets and PC’s
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Datasheet | Overview

Wireless Barcode Scanners

The Passport mobile app gives you the flexibility of scanning barcodes directly into your system. The Bluetooth wireless connection from the hand-held scanner to the base station replaces the typical six foot cord, allowing you the freedom to move around. These commercial, off-the-shelf cordless barcode scanners reduce hassles with built-in industry standard Bluetooth.

General Use

Motorola LS4278 Wireless Barcode Scanner

Motorola LS4278


Motorola LS3578 Wirless Barcode Scanner

Motorola LI3678

Cabled Barcode Scanners

These commercial, off-the-shelf USB cabled barcode scanners offer simple and straightforward barcode scanning, so you can instantly collect barcoded data. The six foot cord connects via USB to your PC.

Office/Light Duty

Motorola LS1203 Cabled Barcode Scanner

Motorola LS1203

General Use

Motorola LS4278 Cabled Barcode Scanner

Motorola LS4278


Motorola LS3408 Cabled Barcode Scanner

Motorola LS3408

Health Care

Motorola DS4308 Cabled Barcode Scanner

Motorola DS4308

Barcode Printers

Experience the convenience of built-in barcode label printing— no external label design software is needed. Passport supports a variety of printers from world-class supplier Zebra Technologies.

Zebra ZD420T Barcode Printer

Zebra ZD420t

Label Design Wizard

Passport has a label design wizard that lets you easily make the label that you want. You have full control of customized barcode labels including:

  • Stock number / SKU labels
  • Location labels
  • Batch / lot identifying labels
  • Serialized labels
  • ID badges

Barcode Label Types

Passport barcode labels are the best in the business. ASAP Systems can provide a variety of media and labels for your identification, tracking and control requirements. We help you choose the right labels and ribbon for your barcode printer so you can take care of your barcode printing needs. Choose between:

  • Industrial labels
  • Commercial labels
  • General use labels
  • Mobile labels

Biometric Devices- Signature Capture Pads

The system supports a variety of biometric devices from world-class suppliers such as Topaz. Easily integrate the biometric device into your system so it functions as an extension of the software.

Topaz Sig Lite Signature Capture Pad

Topaz Sig Lite

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