Healthcare Software for Asset Management

For modern healthcare and health services organizations with a need for technology solutions that will help improve equipment utilization and asset management.

Industry Solutions

Healthcare Asset Management Essentials

With Passport, managing your healthcare inventory and equipment becomes an streamlined process that will ultimately provide staff and physicians more time for patient care. The software integrates with mobile barcode scanners making it suitable for tracking equipment throughout hospitals, clinics, storage rooms and offices in real time.

Offering true, asset control, Passport brings together all asset information — availability, condition, location, history, etc. — into a centralized database, helping staff stay informed at all times.

Logical Fit Into Health Care Workflow

The healthcare asset management system from ASAP Systems allows users to quickly view available resources while patients are being admitted, as well as determine the location of any equipment that will be needed. Users can also update the status or condition of each asset, such as “needs repair,” “in-use,” or “needs cleaning.” These features help organizations remain in compliance and establish high standards of patient care.

Commonly Tracked Healthcare Assets

Track all kinds of medical equipment that is essential to patient care and medical center/clinic effectiveness including infusion pumps, wheelchairs, laptops, ultrasound devices, patient monitoring cables, and everything in between. You can also create barcode labels to tag hospital equipment and property for identification and data collection purposes. Passport allows healthcare organizations to experience all the benefits of stock control currently proven in the retail market.

Medical Equipment Tracking Software

The idea of keeping track of all your assets is simple, but the execution rarely is. Taking routine physical inventory or reconciling medical equipment on-hand can take hours on end. Passport simplifies that process. Using barcode scanners, smartphones, and tablets for scanning enables you to conduct physical inventory in fractions of the time.

“We are in the healthcare industry and have multiple locations. We wanted asset tracking software so that we could easily scan our equipment and quickly track whom and where they were assigned to.”

James Brown, Inventory Control Specialist, The Center for Health Care Service

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