Shortening the Healthcare Workflow

Taking routine physical inventory or reconciling medical equipment on-hand can take hours on end. Passport simplifies that process. Using barcode scanners, smartphones and tablets for scanning enables you to perform inventory tasks in fractions of the time.

Shortening the Inventory Workflow
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Best option for reducing human error via barcode scanner while also keeping the ability to add inventory that is not IP based.

Lacey Hoang, Coordinator, Technical Support

Asset Tracking Healthcare Medical Staff

I would recommend this product to anyone in Healthcare.

James Brown, Inventory Control Specialist at The Center for Health Care Services


Advanced Features for Healthcare:

  • Import maintenance, contracts, warranties, funding, and insurance info

  • Ability to change the status and location of assets at any time

  • Track by locations, persons, departments, and user-defined categories

  • Create custom reports and email/sms alerts

  • Ability to attach photos, documents, and notes

  • Inventory and Asset Full Feature List