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Inventory System for

the Army

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A Complete Inventory System for the Army

The US Army has a history of using our Inventory System to save time, improve inventory accuracy, reduce shortages and lost inventory. The Inventory System provides the flexibility to manage inventory worldwide, automate records, emulate Army required documents and provide real-time data to the Army chain of command to assist in determining operational/mission readiness.

Features of our Army Inventory System

Track all Army Inventory using Barcode Tracking

Conduct physical inventory or cycle count

Receive Army Inventory using unit of measure (UOM) multiplier

Use Barcode cabled and portable scanners for accurate Army data collection

Record all Army Inventory issued by the destination

Generate Configurable Inventory Reports to replicate Army forms/documents

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Maximize Army Inventory Data Collection

Manual systems, tend to be error-prone. Therefore, it could shift quantities and no longer be accurate. Our robust Inventory System leaves no room for human error due to its barcoding wizard that will lead the Army base to increase data accuracy and to gain a more efficient audit.

Accurately Track Inventory Items in All Army Divisions

From Army bachelor housing items to intensive care units, our #1 Inventory System tracks a wide range of stock items that are consumed by the Army—napkins, toilet paper, foam cups, ammunition, medical supplies, medication, and vehicle parts.