Basic Features

Base Features
Paid Features
Description Asset Stock Suite

System Features

Can be installed on a standalone PC
Built for client/server multi user environments
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Compatible with SQL Server 2005-2008-2012 (included)
Integrated components - barcode scanners, label printers

General Features

Concurrent User Licensing
Print barcode labels (Avery & Zebra)
Data import/export

Ease Of Use Features

User Configurable Views
Click sortable columns
Built-in search
Custom data fields
Custom barcode labels
Custom reports

Inventory Features

Unlimited Locations
Unlimited Assets
Unlimited Stock items
Asset and Stock Data Fields (40+).
Item Pictures and Documents
Track by Person
Purchase/Lease Information
Warranty Information / Expiration Date
Service Contract Information / Expiration Date
Lists and Picklists
Parent-Child Relationships

Vendors & Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders
Create PO's using min-max levels

Customers & Sales Orders

Sales Orders
Create picklists based on SO's

Inventory Transactions

Receive / Putaway
Move / Transfer
Check Out-In
Set Parent-Child relationships
Cycle Counts / Physical Inventory

Admin Features

Description Asset Stock Suite


Barcode Symbology
Allow Https
Auto Logout
Enable editing of the transation Date-Time
Document Storage Option
Asset Transaction Screen Line Item Selector
Allow Decimal Quantity
Allow and show Negative Quantity
Show Zero Quantity
View Multiple Alternate Stock Codes per Alternate Stock Code Number
Stock Transaction Screen Line Item Selector
Minimum Quantity Alert
Stock # default Settings
Decimal Precision
Stock Transactions (Alternate Stock #)
Stock Transactions (DropDown Description)

Receive & Purchase Orders

Receive Using Purchase Orders
Purchase Order Tax Options
Receiving Asset Auto-generate Asset Code
Receive Transaction Label Printing
Receive Stock Methodology
Receiving with line item UD fields
Receiving Stock Auto-generate Inventory ID #
Batch-Lot Methodology
Batch Delete Line items

Check Out Settings

Check Out Default Time Frame
Check Out Enable Time
Check Out Option (Check out to location, person, both)
Check In to Location Options (To 'Home', 'Check Out From', User Selected)
Allow check out of already checked out asset
Asset Check Out-In Transaction Receipt Printing

Move Methodology

Move Transaction Receipt Printing
Provide a warning when transfering to a location that already has something in it
Move Stock Methodology Options

Issue & Sales Orders

Asset Issue & Dispose Trandaction Receipt Printing
Sales Order Type (Asset vs Model)
Sales Order Screen Line Item Selector
Sales Order Print Options Include Non-Inventory Items on Print Out
Show Available Quantity
Default the Pick Quantity to the full quantity available
Stock Issue & Dispose Transaction Receipt Printing
Issue Using Sales orders
Sales Order Tax Options Percent Tax Rate
Sales Order Tax Options Default ON
Sales Order Status

Desktop Sync & Mobile Device

Mobile Device Sync (Manual vs One Button Sync)
Mobile Device Database Location
Show Shipping Transaction
Show Return Transaction
Grocery Store Mode
Show Assign Transaction
Physical Inventory (Standard vs Interactive)
Scan Auto-Save
UPC Enable
Receive Default Location
Transactions (Clear fields after save)
# Auto-generate
Enable the use of Alternate Stock #s on transactions

Signature Capture

Enabled / Required per transaction

Docked Sync IIS

Internal IIS Address
External IIS Address
Internal IP Address

Wireless Settings

Intranet Address
Internet Address
Create Web.Config File

SMTP Server Settings

SMTP Server Address
Email Address
From Email Address
Enable SSL
Use Outlook for Non Alert emails
Display available SMTP
Text Email Connection
Text SMS Address

Duration Settings

General Settings Billing Increment
General Settings Number of Hours in a Day
General Settings Number of Days in a Week
General Settings Partial Incremental Round
General Settings Billing Start Threshold
Standard Rate
Rates by Category or Model

QuickBooks Settings

QuickBooks- Inventory System Sync Company File Location
qbXML Version
Company File Location
Diagnostics - Write log files
Cost-Price for Posting
Use QB for Stock item name options
QuickBooks to the Inventory system Cust. Billing Address 3-5
QuickBooks to the Inventory System Ship To Address 3-5 Map
Do not filter Purchase Orders
Import Quickbooks Sales Order Memo into the Inventory System Sales Order Notes field
Import Quickbooks Purchase Order Memo into the Inventory System Purchase Order Notes field

Active Directory

Person File Map
Security Group Map
Import Active Directory Attributes to be used in the Person File Map

History Archive

Archive history prior to date

DOD Form

Form AF IMT 1297, AF IMT 2005, DD 1348-1A, DD 1149
Data Source

Pack and Ship

Mobile Pack Verify Settings (Visual vs Barcode Scan)
Packing List Format
Shipping Label Credentials
Ship Settings (Ship against Packing List vs Sales Order)
Only Ship Packed
Signature Required
Shipping Label Account Info

UPC Online Lookup

Enable online UPC lookups in Model file

Stock to Asset Setting

Outgoing Stock Inv. ID # to (Asset # vs Serial #)
Incoming Asset Cost from (Cost vs Price)


Description Asset Stock Suite


Warranty Expiration Date
Service Contract Expiration Date
Overdue Item
Custom Alerts
Inventory Low
Product Expiration Date

Smartphone, Tablet & Barcode Scanners

iPhone and iPad compatible


Android smartphone and tablet compatible


Motorola handheld barcode scanner compatible


Intuitive, easy and fast barcode scan transactions
Signature Capture


Wi-Fi and 3G/4G wireless sync