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Education Case Studies

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Our Inventory and Asset Tracking System - Case Study

Inventory Asset Tracking CS

Hamblen County Department of Education

Hamblen County Department of Education: The Hamblen County Department of Education public school district located in Morristown, TN. Serving over 10,000 students, ranging from Pre Kindergarten to 12th grade, the district has committed to educating students so they can be…

Maharishi University of Management

MAHARISHI UNIVERSITY OF MANAGEMENT Maharishi University of Management is located in Fairfield, IA and is distinguished for pioneering what is known as “consciousness-based education”. The curriculum includes the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and has garnered much acclaim from…


THE LEAVEN The Leaven is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 with ten locations across Northern and Southern California. Their focus is providing after-school tutoring and summer enrichment programs for at-risk children. They also provide health and wellness programs, financial…

Matagorda County Edu. Services

SUMMARY Matagorda County Educational Services (MCES) provides a continuum of child-centered and supportive services for nontraditional learners in collaboration with families and schools. MCES maintains and issues an inventory of assistive technology such as iPads, laptops, and communication devices, as…

Keiser University

SUMMARY Keiser University provides educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in traditional and online delivery formats. Christopher Coleman, an associate of the IMS Department, recognized a need to reduce the time it took to track and manage fixed…

Balsz School District

SUMMARY Balsz School District, located in Phoenix, Arizona, consists of five school campuses with approximately 2,900 students enrolled. The district needed an easy-to-use and menu-driven asset tracking system to accurately track educational resources using barcode technology to save time and…