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Military Case Studies

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Our Military Inventory and Asset Tracking System - Case Study

Hickam Air Force Case Study

HICKAM AIR FORCE BASE Hickam Air Force base is located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, shares its runways adjacent to Honolulu’s International Airport, and is the Headquarters of the United Pacific Air Force. Consisting of over 2,850 acres and…

Strategic Resources, Inc. Case Study

STRATEGIC RESOURCES INC For over 20 years, Strategic Resources, Inc (SRI) has operated under the vision of providing quality management consulting, information technology, telecommunications, engineering/ logistics, and health services satisfying all of their clients. Their clients include the united States…

Vancouver Police Department (Washington)

SUMMARY The City of Vancouver (Wash.) Police Department (VPD), was experiencing organizational and regulatory changes. They had significant increased the number of acquisitions of both equipment and consumable inventory which needed to be tracked according to compliance requirements. VPD looked…

Servpro of St. George

SUMMARY The commercial and residential restoration industry requires the use of expensive, specialized equipment that is stored in SERVPRO® of ST. George’s warehouse between jobs. When the team gets called for a restoration project that equipment needs to be quickly…

Servpro of the Seacoast

SUMMARY SERVPRO of the Seacoast (Storm Team Robbins), based in Dover, New Hampshire, specializes in “extreme” restorations for residential homes or commercial structures damaged by water, fire, disaster, mold, storms and floods. When the team gets called up for a…

Hickam Air Force Base

SUMMARY The Critical Care Air Transport Team consumed hundreds of medical inventory items and operated hundreds of assets valued at over $1 million. The equipment needed to meet the standard of “100% operational readiness” for flying missions. Thus, Captain Fowler…

Arlington County Fire Department Tracking System

ABOUT THE COMPANY Hall Aluminum Products (HAP) is a full-service commercial architectural glass and glazing contractor out of Fort Wayne, Denver and Nationwide. They provide design, fabrication, installation and repair of Architectural Glass and Glazing, Curtain Wall, Aluminum Doors, Automatic…