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Inventory and Asset Tracking

for the Government

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Government Inventory and Asset Tracking System

ASAP Systems is changing how government organizations manage their stock inventory. Our best in class Inventory System  and Asset Tracking Solution provides 24/7 real-time locations and inventory levels. Our System manages multiple inventory sites within a single application using the mobile barcode technology to reduce processing times and accuracy of data entries. Our Inventory and Asset Tracking System reporting wizard can automate regulatory/contractual reporting processes and provide organization reporting requirements. Learn how our Inventory Tracking Systems have saved local, municipal, state, and federal agencies valuable time, money and data integrity.

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Our Inventory and Asset Tracking System helps a variety of federal, state, local, and municipal government agencies by giving all departments the ability to keep track of consumable stock as well as IT assets.

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Local, Municipal, State, and Federal Government Inventory & Assets

Multi-site functionality to receive, move, and issue out Government inventory from multiple locations. Quick barcode scanning for large government warehouse stock counts and monthly or quarterly audits for all government levels, even federal. Cost savings from reduced stock inventory levels

Our Inventory system for Government Integrates with QuickBooks out of the box. Generate Purchase Orders for faster and easier government operations. Maintains Cost of standard stock. Records vendor information and prints receipts.

View global and local government inventory levels. Get Alerted to keep tabs on low inventory and overstock situations with our Inventory System's Alert Feature The Government Inventory System allows Smartphone/tablet access and barcode scanning for true mobility and enhanced flexibility.

Provides municipal management with quick and easy access to real-time reports with the Inventory and Asset Tracking reporting wizard. Share Government inventory reports to designated personnel via text and email. Gain insight with inventory and Asset data analytics.

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