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Inventory and Asset Tracking

for Healthcare

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Healthcare Inventory and Asset Tracking System

ASAP Systems’ Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution for Healthcare organizations simplify everyday processes. Taking routine physical inventory or reconciling medical equipment on-hand can take hours on end. Using barcode scanners, smartphones and tablets for scanning enable you to perform inventory and asset tasks in fractions of the time.

Healthcare Inventory and Asset Tracking Benefits

Effectively managing Healthcare Inventory and Assets will help to create a positive image for the patients and for the hospital.

Perishable items such as medication or blood bank inventory need to be constantly tracked to avoid expiration dates and resultant waste.

Healthcare organizations will be able to track medical utensils and devices. The location of critical equipment can be immediately tracked.

Doctors and other healthcare providers deal with multiple emergencies daily. Having the proper equipment available at all times is critical.

Investment Protection

Healthcare organizations invest in costly equipment in order to meet the needs of their patients. Regular maintenance will ensure the long functioning vitality of this equipment. Our Asset Tracking Solution has a feature which tracks Maintenance events and makes sure that Healthcare Organizations never miss a scheduled maintenance.

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Keep Track Of Inventory Levels

To ensure patients won’t be delayed or even denied health services, it is crucial to keep accurate and timely data when equipment, supplies, medications need restocking. Healthcare organizations in particular cannot take the chance of missing or low inventory when dealing with critical health issues. Our Inventory System has an important feature which will trigger Alerts when the inventory falls below or above the pre-configured level.

Advanced Inventory and Asset Features for Healthcare

Import maintenance, contracts, warranties, funding, and insurance info

Ability to change the status and location of assets at any time

Track by locations, persons, departments, and user-defined categories

Create custom reports and email/SMS alerts

Ability to attach photos, documents, and notes