Barcode Inventory System Assisted the Military

BarCloud, an online inventory barcoding system, prominent with an online inventory and asset management system within the military sector, makes asset tracking more accurate for Strategic Resources Inc. by providing complete control in improving the efficiency and visibility of various military assets across contracted jobs within numerous army bases using its online inventory application BarCloud.

Welcome to ASAP Systems BarCloud; A business based barcoding application hosted in the cloud. Which provides solutions for tracking stock inventory and assets.

Most recently ASAP Systems has provided a solution for Strategic Resource Inc. to help track, and manage, and analyze movement of military owned assets. Including small arm weapons, aircraft parts, vehicles, and tools by managing the complete life cycle of their asset inventory, and providing real time visibility.


BarCloud helps to track and manage asset maintenance including calibration dates, as well as cost for parts and labor. BarCloud also manages the checking out and checking in of equipment to personnel and locations.

Finally ASAP BarCloud provides users the ability to customize their own reports. For additional information on ASAP Systems BarCloud, please contact us for a live demo today.