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Inventory System

for Public Works

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Public Works Inventory System

ASAP Systems’ top-rated highly configurable Inventory System for county Public Works within each department —Administrative, Fleet, Parks, Natural Resources, Waste, etc. —using barcode scanning automation. You can easily track all office supplies, raw materials, chemicals, safety equipment, and repair parts as they are issued out to specific jobs or locations. Our robust System helps ensure efficient inventory turnover and brings a rapid return on investment through inventory cost savings.

Government Agencies Inventory Control - Video

Watch a brief overview on how our Inventory System meets inventory control demands for the government. Including county health care and home care clinics. Save time, money and increase inventory efficiency with the complete Inventory Management System for the government.

Public Works Inventory Tracking Features

Physical Inventory or cycle counts.

Track Inventory by the quantity and serial number

Easily Import Public Works Inventory Data

Min/Max inventory alerts

Generate configurable Inventory reports

Automatic Inventory reorder

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