Inventory Solution for Assistive Tech and Special Needs

Watch how Matargorda County Educational Services was able to easily track assistive technology, iPads, and special needs equipment using Passport and a mobile barcode scanner.

"Welcome to ASAP Systems Passport, a business-based barcoding application which can be hosted, or locally installed, and provides solutions for tracking stock inventory and assets. And now, ASAP Systems helps Matagorda County Educational Services save time and money by automating their inventory management with the ability to track assistive technology, iPads, laptops, and more.

The organization could track the end-to-end asset lifecycle, from when items were received, then issued out to staff at nineteen schools, and eventually checked back in. The staff was able to easily assign or check out assistive technology to a location or an individual and enter a due date.

Additionally, Matagorda County could generate their own reports to know the count and value of assets checked out to each staff member. For additional information on ASAP Systems' Passport please contact us for a free, live demo today."

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