Improve Stock Traceability with Our Inventory System

Our Inventory System’s Kitting Module allows users to specify the raw materials or components needed to manufacture each specific finished goods. Additionally, this Module assists users with the ability to accurately track order fulfillment and the assembly process, where separate but related components are combined as a set to make a single SKU or unit.

Users will consume and combine different inventory items from existing stock. Upon combining the new finished product, through an assembly/manufacturing process, the components used in the assembly are “issued out” from the inventory and the new product is added to replenish the finished products inventory.

Create Stock Kits with Our Inventory System

Our Inventory System makes the manufacturing and assembly process easier by offering the ability to track multiple stock items as a single unit, kit, bundle, or package. This Module also operates with serialized or expirable inventory tracked according to lots or batches.

Kitting inventory asset tracking system

Inventory System Kitting Module Process

In this example Kit, 1 is the sum of 4 orange squares, 1 green circle, and 4 gray triangles. these items are pulled into a holding area and then assembled into a new item and then the new item is restocked on a rack for later consumption. Our Barcode Inventory Tracking System allows you to efficiently manage the entire assembly process and account for both the stock items used to create the kit and the kit as a new item in the inventory.

kitting inventory asset tracking system process

How Does This Module Work?

Watch this video to see how this Module can be utilized to improve Inventory Tracking procedures. Kitting is the process in which individually separate but related inventory items are gathered into an assembly area and then combined into a new item. Throughout this process, those separate items will cease to exist individually however the newly assembled item becomes trackable as a stand-alone item within the Inventory System.

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