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Our Inventory and Asset Tracking System - Case Study

Inventory System and Asset Tracking – TriActive CS

TRIACTIVE AMERICA “A healthy mind, body, and spirit” TriActive America focuses on fighting the obesity epidemic by providing free outdoor gyms in public areas in order to create opportunities for everyone in the nation to improve their health and well-being…

Lovin’ Spoonfuls, Inc. Case Study

LOVIN’ SPOONFULS “A food rescue” Lovin’ Spoonfuls is an organization that facilitates the recovery and distribution of healthy, perishable food that would otherwise be discarded. Since 2010, the team has distributed over 1,250,000 pounds of food directly to impactful community…

MBC – Environmental Solutions

MBC “Hands on Environmental Solutions” MBC, located in South Island, New Zealand, is a company that specializes in environmental solutions involving project management, animal control, vegetation services, erosion control, and more. Since 2007, the company has been providing genuine client…

Windy City Equipment

SUMMARY Founded in 2003, Windy City Equipment Service, Inc. has grown from a one-man operation servicing a few customers to a large-scale provider of commercial kitchen equipment parts and repair services. With a growing customer base and an increase in…

Shure, Inc.

SUMMARY A part of the relationship between Shure and their endorsed artists involves Artist Relations loaning the company’s audio equipment to the artists while they perform on tours, both nationally and internationally. When any of their endorsed bands needs gear…

Imbibe, Inc.

SUMMARY Imbibe has built an extensive and proprietary database over 50 years, cataloguing thousands of developed beverage formulas and flavors. They use supplier-provided samples in the bulk of their flavor development work, so the team needed a way to comprehensively…

East Kansas Chemical

SUMMARY East Kansas Chemical has been a wholesale and retail agricultural chemical and seed supply company since 1972. The organization became overwhelmed by their paper-based system, and wanted to adopt barcode-based asset tracking system . They required the capability to…

Quasar Bio-Tech

SUMMARY Quasar Bio-Tech is a medical technology company that develops and manufactures handheld light therapy devices for acne and anti-aging. The Shipping and Receiving team used QuickBooks to manage inventory, including parts and finished products, but the accounting software wasn’t…

PICA Manufacturing Solutions

SUMMARY PICA Manufacturing Solutions specializes in the design, manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards. The company needed an automated inventory management system that integrated with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and enabled employees and management to easily track hundreds of parts…

Corfu Foods

SUMMARY The Operations team at Corfu Foods relied on an ERP system for tracking inventory, but they didn’t have the right toolset to become SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified. The main system they used lacked the features needed to track…