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Inventory System for the Governmental

Transportation Department

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Department of Transportation Inventory System

Our Complete, Barcode-based Inventory System helps a variety of Governmental Transportation Departments across multiple states in the United States of America. Operating administrations reaching from state railways, transits, and aviation to different internal facilities of district offices and maintenance offices, The robust Governmental Transportation departments Inventory System allows quick data collection using barcode scanners synchronized with a user-friendly inventory platform to improve overall performance and save time and money. Our Most noteworthy Inventory System allows you to track consumable vehicle parts using advanced inventory using serial numbers to unique track car parts, train parts, and other consumable auto parts.

Quickly and easily populate a large amount of transferable data into the Inventory System database using the excel import feature to get the system up and running in a small amount of time. Additional, the powerful system allows state officials the visibility of knowing where each part went and when to reorder, thus, improving inventory performance to save time and money.

Government Inventory System - Video

Watch a brief overview on  Our Government Inventory System. The Inventory System meets inventory control requirements for the government including the department of transportation. Save time, money and increase the return on investment with a complete Inventory Tracking System for the government.

Inventory Tracking Features

Advanced Inventory-Serialized Inventory

Stock to Asset capability

Reporting on history of items used

Excel import module to import data

Barcode technology

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