Stock Inventory Management- Configurable Barcode Labels

Example: Configurable Barcode Labels- Adding New Label

In the barcode area, users can choose a pre-made barcode label template, edit a label, or add a new label to the system. Adding a new stock inventory barcode label can be easily performed through the "Label Wizard" in just a few steps. Choose what you want to name the label and select the source from over 75 options including stock item, location, kit, order, and vendor. Then, select the size and orientation of your barcode label.

Example: Configurable Barcode Labels- Select Fields

Users can select from a pool of available fields to display on the barcode label. The fields appear based on the source that was chosen in the first Label Wizard form. In this example, part number, quantity, cost, and stock description have been selected to be written on the stock inventory barcode label.

Example: Configurable Barcode Labels- Edit and Design

Click on the edit button within the barcode area to change or redesign a barcode label. Users are in complete control of the barcode label details such as text, font, shape, color, spacing, barcode size, and image.



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