Track multiple levels of Minimum/Maximum

Set optimal Minimum / Maximum inventory levels to improve inventory turnover, reduce stockouts, make order management easier, and offer better inventory performance.

Min/Max method is one of the most efficient automated inventory replenishment methods. The primary benefit of this Feature is its extreme simplicity of implementation.

Optimal Inventory Levels

Knowing how many inventory items you have on hand and how many you can sell or transfer is critical to your team’s success. Our Inventory System helps you find your optimal inventory levels over time through configurable features such as Location Min-Max with the ability to set a predetermined reorder quantity level. Inventory visibility across multiple locations will no longer be a challenge

Optimize Inventory Levels
Optimize Inventory Levels

Set Minimum / Maximum quantity level for:

Stock item: Our Inventory System allows you to define Min / Max quantity level, per stock item, globally across all locations.

Location: The ability to set a Min / Max quantity level, per stock item, per location.

Site: The Inventory System User, who possesses the Multi-Site Feature, can benefit from defining a Min/Max quantity level, per stock item, per site.

Get triggered when Inventory Levels shift

Get Alerted when inventory levels exceed or fall below the values entered for each stock item Min/Max, location Min/Max or site Min/Max. Our Inventory System’s Alert settings will allow you to select whether the alert will be an email or SMS text message, as well as the ability to choose from a list of current users, who exactly will be receiving the Alert. In addition, you have the ability to set a lead time that can delay Alerts for a set amount of days.

Optimize Inventory Levels
Optimize Inventory Levels

Generate a Min / Max configurable Reports

Create reports based on your particular reporting criteria, whether you defined Min / Max quantity levels for a stock item, location or site, you will have the capacity to generate a report for increased visibility and more efficient inventory control.

Import your Min / Max quantity levels data

For more flexibility and a simplified data entry method, our Inventory System allows you to import directly from your chosen spreadsheet program the Min / Max quantity levels into existing stock items, applying four easy steps.

Optimize Inventory Levels

Key Benefits of the Feature:

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Receive stockout or overstock warnings in real time.

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Set custom stock thresholds and triggers for each inventory item.

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Control inventory levels globally and/or specific locations.

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View min/max information in your dashboard or reports.

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Intuitive reordering of batch inventory.

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