Location Min–Max

Set custom triggers based on your optimal minimum and maximum inventory levels to improve inventory turnover, reduce stockouts, and make order management easier.

The triggers can be location-based and specific to individual stock items so that you are always in control over all your inventory levels. Whether you are on-site or off-site, you can receive an alert via email or sms with the info needed to make the right decision right away.

Optimal Inventory Levels

Knowing how many inventory items you have on hand and how many you can sell or transfer is critical to your team’s success. Passport helps you find your optimal inventory levels over time through configurable features such as Location Min-Max. Inventory visibility across multiple locations will no longer be a challenge.

Key Benefits of the Feature:

  • Receive stockout or overstock warnings in real time

  • Set custom stock thresholds and triggers for each inventory item

  • Control inventory levels globally and/or specific locations

  • View min/max information in your dashboard or reports

  • Intuitive reordering of batch inventory

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