Medical Inventory
Control and Management

Whether you are tracking medical supplies by simply quantity on-hand or also by lot numbers or expiration dates, Passport helps you improve inventory operations.

Industry Solutions

Inventory Software for Medical Supplies

Since medical supplies account for roughly half of a medical lab operating budget, managing them efficiently is a high priority. Passport essentially allows you to put your finger on the pulse of your clinic, hospital, or lab operations.

The inventory control system acts as a central hub for all your medical supply activity. It allows you to instantly check your stock quantities, know when to reorder supplies, track expenses, and always have the right amount of inventory on-hand. With access to real-time information, you’ll be able to focus on keeping your patients happy.

No More Expired Medical Supplies!

The advanced stock inventory feature provides you with the tools you will need to track medical supplies with lot numbers, expiry dates, and batch numbers. Passport makes it easy to inspect lot numbers for each vendor and find out when specific batches or lots were used.

medical inventory control lot inventory report medical supplies reorder report

Tired of seeing supplies go to waste because their expiration date has passed? Passport allows you to automatically track the receipt of inventory items and be alerted when supplies are about to expire. Supplies with short shelf lives can be distributed on time without worry.

Maintain Accurate Medical Inventory Lists

Organization often struggle to maintain accurate quantity-based medical inventory lists for equipment inventory as well as surplus medical supplies. For example, medical devices can be suddenly sold or moved, and inventory can be consumed without being accounted for. In order to deal with these complex demands, Passport provides unmatched barcoding and reporting functionalities that address the needs of healthcare providers.

medical inventory list management

medical equipment software

Medical Equipment Tracking Software

The idea of keeping track of all your assets is simple, but the execution rarely is. Taking routine physical inventory or reconciling medical equipment on-hand can take hours on end. Passport simplifies that process. Using barcode scanners, smartphones, and tablets for scanning enables you to conduct physical inventory in fractions of the time.

Just In Time Inventory Management

This efficient workflow of ordering, storing, and distribution is made possible through Passport. You will be able to reduce operating costs by keeping inventory levels low while still keeping up with the demand for supplies. It’s a win-win because decision makers utilize their inventory better and patients receive better quality of care.

Key Benefits

Increased Accountability and Control

Cost Savings From Efficient Medical Supplies Levels

Immediate Access to Real Time Inventory Info

Elimination of High Error Incidence in Book-Based Inventory Levels

Eliminate Unexpected Medical Supplies Shortages

Custom Reporting Capabilities

Reduce Time to Do Physical Inventory

Track Lot Numbers and Expiration Dates

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