Barcode-Based Features

  • Check In/Out equipment
  • Schedule and perform asset maintenance
  • Maintain maintenance history
  • Track Assets Worldwide
  • Assign Custodial responsibility
  • Record Asset Loss, damage, transfer or disposal
  • Reports – Scheduled, Ad-Hoc, and contractually required reporting
  • Customizable Reports to replicate military forms/documents
  • RFID tracking

Asset Tracking for the Air Force

Passport is a flexible asset tracking system that provides Air Force bases complete control over medical equipment, vehicles, documents, uniforms, tools, and more. Utilize Passport to keep track of item location, custodian, and time of use, along with due dates for increased accountability and logistical efficiency.

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Asset Tracking Case Study for Hickam AFB

Read how Passport helps Hickam Air Force Base track and monitor military equipment. With Passport, tracking equipment becomes an automated process, saving time and money while consistently improving performance, and making sure equipment is calibrated and tracked at all times to prevent the risk of misplaced property.

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