Barcode-Based Features

  • Check In/Out equipment
  • Schedule and perform asset maintenance
  • Maintain maintenance history
  • Track Assets Worldwide
  • Assign Custodial responsibility
  • Record Asset Loss, damage, transfer or disposal
  • Reports – Scheduled, Ad-Hoc, and contractually required reporting
  • Customizable Reports to replicate military forms/documents
  • RFID tracking

Asset Tracking for Military and Defense Contractors

Our robust asset tracking system allows military and defense contractors to keep track of a variety of assets that change locations, vehicles, or personnel, all using mobile barcode scanners to save time, money, and improve logistical operations.

Passport captures equipment data that you deem important so you can generate and share useful reports and make better logistics decisions.

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Asset Tracking System for Military, Defense, and Government Contractors

Comply with Government Regulatory Requirements

Passport can control processes for managing government property as specified in FAR and DFAR requirements. Passport can also generate military documents during the transaction process. Passport provides real time status, location and custodial control of government property.Regulatory reporting requirements can be auto generated and submitted to a contractor management and government agencies concurrently.

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