Barcode-Based Features

  • Track stock items and assets worldwide
  • Manage Shelf life items
  • Utilize Min – Max to ensure adequate on hand levels
  • Physical Inventory
  • Import legacy data via Excel Import
  • Reports – Scheduled, Ad-Hoc, and contractually required reporting
  • Customizable Reports to replicate military forms/documents
  • RFID trackin

Stock Management for Government Contractors

Our inventory management system uses barcode and RFI scanning to automatically track Government Furnished Property and contractually deliverable material. Passport can manage serialized, batch-lot items, serialized with quantity and standard non-serialized items worldwide . The stock data is collected in Passport’s secure database and can be shared with the military real time. Passport’s functionality provides documentation and record keeping for government regulatory guidelines.CDRL/SDRL reporting can be automated to ensure on time delivery of contract required reporting. Passport will provide data accuracy and timesaving to help capturing of contract award fees and customer satisfaction.

Barcode System for Army Resources

Passport Meets Government Auditing And Reporting requirements

This stock tracking system provides accurate real time stock level information to both the government and contractor.Passort's secure data ensures accurate and complete transaction history for all levels or reporting and auditing requirements. Passport provides the contractor the tools to effectively, efficiently and precise support to their military customer and achieving high customer satisfaction ratings and award fees.

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