DD Form 1149 Property Transfer Document

For inventory system and asset tracking, you need to document when property ships out or transfers to another location. Save time and reduce errors by filling out the DD Form 1149 on screen, no handwriting! All of the fields are available to be populated by your keyboard and mouse, and it is saved electronically and ready to print at anytime.

DD Form 1149 Introduction Video

Watch this video to see how the electronic version of DD Form 1149 can help the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and government contractors with property tracking.

The DD Form 1149 Made for You

We know that inventory management and property tracking situations are different for everyone, and we allow you to use the DD Form 1149 to meet your needs. There are drop downs that have your particular information automatically in them, or manually type in the information if you need to override. Populating the line items is as easy as selecting the system transaction that you performed when you barcode scanned the asset that you’re sending out. Think about the speed and accuracy you’ll gain even when dealing with just a few line items.

dd form 1149 generated passport

Print at any time

In inventory system and asset tracking scenarios it is not always convenient to be forced to do tasks when the system demands that you do. Flexibility is built in allowing you to print the DD Form 1149 whenever you want. You’ll have barcodes on the printout which further aids item auditability and convenience.

Mobile Equipment Management

Drive Your Workflow with Barcodes and a Mobile App

Increase your inventory system and asset tracking efficiency in parallel with automating your DD Form 1149 property documentation. By using the mobile app’s dedicated transactions you can scan multiple barcoded items more quickly than manually typing in identifiers or doing lookups onscreen.

Mobile Equipment Management
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