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Inventory Tracking for the Military and Armed Forces

With our inventory management system designed for the military and armed forces, you can automatically track stock such as parts for assemblies or medical supplies, all using mobile barcode scanners. The powerful system allows you to securely compile real-time inventory data in order to generate insightful reports and increase overall inventory performance.

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Passport is suitable for all armed forces:

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Military Inventory System Features

Advanced Inventory for the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force

ASAP Systems adds value to all armed forces and defense contractors within the military by scaling the Passport system to fit current and future needs, and by providing an efficient system for inventory tasks and lifecycle management. Track inventory items specific to the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air force, such as medication, production parts, and standard medical consumables for military intensive care units. Define inventory items as standard, serialized, batch-lot, serialized with quantity, and non-inventory to meet federal tracking procedures.

Standard Stock Management for the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force

Standard Inventory

Automate and manage military standard inventory items that are constantly being received and issued out using barcode scanning, including screws, bolts, manufacturing consumables, and more. In addition, the same stock number can be used at different locations.

Serialized Inventory Management for the Armed Forces and Defense Contractors

Serialized Inventory

Track uniquely tagged military stock with an ID, serial number or barcode, and allow them to be quantified. Such items include vehicle parts, machine parts, and aerospace manufacturing parts.

Batch-Lot Inventory Management for the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Defense Contractors

Batch–lot Inventory

Use batch-lot number or code to track military stock items with expiration dates such as medication and other medical-related consumables for military intensive care units.

Serialized With Quantity Stock for the Armed Forces and Defense Contractors

Serialized with Quantity

Use serialized with quantity to track military stock within a uniquely identified item, such as a medication bottle with pills, rolls of paper, and textile materials with the material being used up overtime.

Track Items Unique to the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force

Non-Inventory Items

Track anything that you would issue out but not receive, such as tracking and issuing currency.

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