Barcode-Based Features

  • Check in/out for equipment
  • Schedule Equipment Maintenance
  • Multi-site functionality
  • Calculate equipment depreciation
  • Keep asset photos, notes, and costs
  • Track by serial, model, and barcode

Asset Tracking for the Marines

The U.S. Marines rely on Passport for a complete asset tracking system. Track equipment and tools that change locations, vehicles, or personnel, all using mobile barcode scanners to save time, money, and improve logistical operations. Passport lets you compile equipment usage data and create reports based on the information you need.

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Asset Tracking for Government Military

Track All Types of Government Military Equipment

Passport allows marines to easily track equipment used everyday such as uniforms, footwear, gloves, binoculars, radios, helmets, and travel bags. This system shows you what government equipment is actively being used, who is using it, and what remains in storage.

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