Barcode-Based Features

  • Track stock items and assets worldwide
  • Manage Shelf life items
  • Utilize Min – Max to ensure adequate on hand levels
  • Physical Inventory
  • Import legacy data via Excel Import
  • Reports – Scheduled, Ad-Hoc, and contractually required reporting
  • Customizable Reports to replicate military forms/documents
  • RFID trackin

Asset Tracking for the Navy

Does your Naval base need to track assets that are received and shipped around the world? Would you like to be able to securely assign equipment to specific locations, vehicles, and sailors? Passport will allow you to do so with ease. Its flexible, barcode-based solutions make it the most complete, easy to use asset tracking system for the U.S. Navy.

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Equipment Tracking for the Government Military

Military Equipment Tracking is Easier with Passport

ASAP Systems' inventory and asset tracking system, Passport, helps a number of U.S Navy bases like the Naval Surface Warfare Center, the U.S.S Emory, and the Amphibious Construction Battalion. Utilize Passport to reduce task redundancy, save time and prepare naval operations by ensuring that all equipment and tools are ready for use when tasks occur.

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