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ASAP Systems Announces the New Purchase Order – Sales Order Approval Cycle in BarCloud

ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions, has greatly enriched the Approval Cycle feature to increase Inventory Management and Asset Tracking productivity. Clients now have the option to create an approval cycle for Purchase Orders and Sales Orders that is specific to one or multiple vendors or customers. With the Approval Cycle’s highly configurable menu, users can have even more control over their stock and assets.
Clients who wish to create a new cycle will find this option under the System Configuration screen. To generate the approval cycle, users must first enable the feature and choose their preferences, including vendors (in the case of the Purchase Order), customers (in the case of the Sales Order), and users (approvers) based on the sites where they are located. After selecting the suppliers or customers, the client has the choice of enabling up to two approvals. Once the approval(s) …

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ASAP Systems, an Inventory Tracking SaaS Provider, Announces its New Enhanced Active Directory Sync Feature


ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions, enhances its Active Directory Sync feature. Customers now have the ability to manage their users by deleting inactive users, and ‘integrating’ their list of users directly from the active directory to their inventory system. With the enhanced AD Sync feature, customers can now manage their directory of users and avoid the accumulation of inactive users and excess data.
After logging into their asset tracking solution, customers should select the Admin tab then go to ‘Integration Settings’ then ‘Active Directory’. Click on a group of users and press ‘Sync’. This will open a new page divided into six categories. The first category is ‘Total AD Users’. This category represents users that are available in the active directory. They are labeled with a username and site. Some are active while others are inactive. You may choose whether to keep them or delete them. The …

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ASAP Systems announces the integration of RFID into its Asset Tracking Solution BarCloud

Austin, TX  May 9, 2018
ASAP Systems, the leader in inventory system and asset tracking solutions, adapts the RFID technology in its cloud-based asset tracking system, BarCloud.  With ASAP Systems’ RFID technology, companies can perform a detailed inventory of fixed assets 90% faster than single-handedly scanning barcodes. Additionally, labor costs are reduced by 40% and accuracy improves up to 95%.
“We developed our cloud application with a modular design to quickly assess each customer’s specific challenges while creating affordable, custom solutions for them,” said Elie Jean Touma, CEO ASAP Systems. “With the adaptation of RFID into our BarCloud application, tracking those assets becomes efficient, effective and accurate.”
In addition to the browser application, ASAP Systems’ BarCloud has a mobile application for iPhone and Android devices. The RFID handheld reader connects via Bluetooth for reading tags. By using the RFID reader tracking device and a smartphone, companies can perform transactions such as receive and …

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Configurability with Custom Data Fields and User Access Control

Austin, Tx.  April 24, 2018
For over two decades, ASAP Systems continues to enhance its Inventory Systems and Asset Tracking solutions with the sole purpose of enhancing user productivity. By constantly staying on top of cutting-edge technology; incorporating the latest smart devices; enhancing new-user training; and relying on artificial intelligence, ASAP Systems promotes a customer-centric environment focusing on the best possible service for every customer.
ASAP Systems provides customers with easy-to-use and reliable products with the inclusion of user-defined data collection fields. From years of experience, ASAP Systems found allowing customer-defined data collection fields provides a smoother transition when using Inventory Management or Asset Tracking systems. Through the company’s vast research into customer’s use of the system, ASAP Systems determined customer’s ability to define data collection fields by company terminology improves the user experience through:

Facilitating training;
Clearer divide between fields for every user;
Understanding of reports based on data collected; and
Improving the learning curve for …

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ASAP Systems Announces visual “Inventory Reporting” for its online Inventory System

ASAP Systems, the market leader in SaaS online inventory systems and asset tracking solutions, announces the release of new graphs and visual reporting for its cloud-based inventory, BarCloud. ASAP Systems’ customers will now gain critical business insight into their inventory via visual inventory reporting . A robust set of customizable charts and graphs provides reporting data quickly and accurately, raising questions about the performance of your inventory.
“Inventory data reporting remains one of the main metrics required for further visibility. There is no better way to understand comprehensive inventory data than graphs and charts,” affirms Nickolas Saliba, Digital Marketing Manager. “Opportunities for incorporating visual inventory reporting exist in multiple areas of our inventory management system. We made realizing those opportunities one of our primary missions in 2018.”

Inventory charts and graphs not only ensure integral supplies are readily available but also custom data aggregation. Charting numbers serves …

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ASAP Systems Announces New Adjust Stock feature for BarCloud

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA (PRWEB) February 06, 2018
ASAP Systems, the leader in inventory management and asset tracking solutions, recently released a new adjust stock inventory feature to BarCloud, their cloud-based inventory and asset management software. This feature gives users an addition level of flexibility by allowing them to adjust stock count without having to re scan their entire inventory.
An optimized, properly managed inventory is an important facet to any business that utilizes physical inventory à la warehouses and stockrooms. An Accurate inventory count lets managers know what they have in stock and what they need to order, and cuts down on under / over stock, theft, and inventory shrinkage. The adjust stock inventory feature lets users adjust the inventory count based on a physical count without having to re-scan the entire inventory, saving them time and giving them more control over how they work with the software and their inventory. In …

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Flagged Inventory & Collaborative Notes | BarCloudPress Release

ASAP Systems Announces Flagged Inventory and Collaborative Notes for BarCloud SaaS Inventory System and Asset Tracking
ASAP Systems, the leader in inventory management and asset tracking software, announces the addition of its Flagged Inventory tool to Barcloud, a web-based tracking solution. The introduction of Flagged Inventory allows users the convenience of identifying important asset or stock line items.
ASAP Systems also upgraded its Note tool for the cloud-based SaaS inventory and asset modules. This upgrade includes collaborative notes on stock inventory and assets for association with contributors as well as timestamping.
“We constantly build and innovate our systems to exceed inventory standards based on customer feedback” says Hala Kmeid, President. “At the end of the day, our end goal is to mold our products to best fit customer needs. With the onscreen alert icons to visually alert users to flagged assets or notes about stock inventory we are …

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DD Form 1149 | Press Release

ASAP Systems Announces DD Form 1149 for DoD and Military Inventory System and Asset Tracking Applications
ASAP Systems, a leading provider of barcode inventory systems and asset tracking solutions, announced today new functionality for DoD, military, and government contractors who need to follow stringent property requirements. The newly released DD Form 1149 (DD 1149) feature takes the place of handwriting forms for property transfers.
Military warehouse staff benefit from the familiar look of the electronic DD 1149 because it exactly matches the hard copy they have been filling out. Additionally the DD 1149 saves time and reduces errors for a military inventory system since much of it can be filled in electronically.
Flexibility is a key aspect because the form is used for many different purposes and needs to adapt to every single scenario be it a base, military warehouse, government contractor, etc. One common use for …

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Shopping Cart Feature

ASAP Systems, a leading provider of barcode inventory solutions, announced today new functionality for its cloud SaaS inventory system. Large organizations and enterprises often have centralized supplies in one or more stockrooms or warehouses, now employees can take advantage of ordering directly from their warehouse or company store via the same system that personnel use to keep track of consumable supplies, providing an internal eCommerce solution.
Employees benefit from ordering materials and supplies online and directly in the warehouse inventory system, reducing paperwork and errors and increasing consistency and efficiency.
Previously, employees would need to call, email, or otherwise submit their hard copy requisition request. The process typically involved writing down the desired supplies, however then someone would need to look at the inventory system to see how the products are actually identified as well as their location within the facility. Now users will have a …

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Mobile Transaction Receipt Printing for the BarCloud Inventory System

ASAP Systems, a leading provider of barcode inventory solutions, announced today new functionality for its mobile app allowing immediate transaction receipt printing right from a smartphone or tablet.
The benefit to mobile users in all industries is that now the task of printing a hardcopy receipt can take place automatically without further intervention at a desktop interface. In asset tracking situations this fits nicely with the asset checkout of tools or equipment. For warehouse inventory the proof of what’s been picked or a packlist is often necessary.
“With the prevalence of Bring-Your-Own-Device and wi-fi networks being available throughout a facility, the mobility aspect really takes shape” said Greg Wachowiak, Senior VP of Engineering for BarCloud. “Furthermore, the ability to print transaction receipts, or reports, on the fly as the users are doing their job enhances productivity and increases auditability.”
About ASAP Systems
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