Product Updates

BarCloud Web App Product Updates

BarCloud Web Update v7.06.04

May 2018

  • BarCloud – Auto Add Person if Person Does not Exist
  • BarCloud – Dispose of Wrong Not enough Quantity
  • BarCloud – Export Russian issue
  • BarCloud – Picklist New Field issue
  • BarCloud – Renaming Fields
  • BarCloud – Return Transaction Showing On Hand
  • BC Web inventory problems

BarCloud Web Update v7.06.03

May 2018

  • Adjust Inventory Zero Quantity
  • Cant Load Stock Item on Return Transaction
  • Checked out Items do not display time
  • Expiry Date Format
  • Extended Due Date Person Missing Issue
  • Renaming Fields
  • Fixed bug related to Reservation Cant select more than 1 Asset
  • Bug Regarding Asset files
  • Fixed Bug Regarding adding users
  • Adjust inventory history columns not saving
  • Fixed Bug about missing fields
  • Rounding up bug issue
  • Web reports

BarCloud Web Update v6.02.52

April 2017

  • Fixed pick transaction history where pick history date was showing incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where historical transactions were not being recorded.
  • Fixed site min/max report where users were able to view SKUs from other sites
  • Fixed return transaction problem where after selecting a customer, more quantity than was issued to that customers was able to be returned
  • Fixed receive UD line item field problem where history was not being recorded.
  • Fixed stock to asset transaction where model # was not carrying over to the asset record
  • Fixed issue where records were not being displayed when using the magnifying glass to search.
  • Fixed issue where asset records were unable to be opened when associated with specific people
  • Fixed problem that occurred when adding entry to the Location Min/Max tab where Save & Close button was not saving properly
  • Fixed issue when importing a purchase order, the line items were not being imported with purchase order.
  • Fixed issue when importing a purchase order, the line items were not being imported with purchase order.
  • Corrected an intermittent issue which prevented the import of certain excel files.
  • Fixed an issue preventing a vendor from being added to a Stock Item Record.
  • Added Username to the Physical Inventory Report category
  • Fixed issue which caused some Sales Orders to error when user attempted to open them
  • Fixed problem with issue transaction where  Sales Orders were not being displayed in the Sales Order Drop-down list.
  • Fixed ability to sort by date on the Pick/Issue History screen.
  • Fixed issue preventing the opening of Stock Item Records which were imported.
  • Fixed issue where Receive History Reports wouldn’t open
  • Fixed issue where adding inventory to picklist caused error to occur.


BarCloud Web Update v6.02.50

March 2017

  • Fixed sales order print picklist window where the print preview was blank.
  • Fixed the return transaction’s sales order dropdown to include closed sales orders.
  • For multi site systems, added the ability to specify a SKU min-max per site.
  • Fixed problem where previously performed maintenance events were not accessible from the perform maintenance screen.
  • Made the version # available in the about area.
  • Fixed ablity to disable Sales order and Picklist fields on the Pick transaction
  • Added ability to print the sales rder picklist from the sales order grid view.
  • Fixed problem where non-validated sales orders were not being recorded in the pick/issue history.
  • Fixed problem when editing an asset where the models were not being filtred by site.
  • Fixed problem which caused crash when adding a new model via the edit asset screen.
  • Fix bug when editing a user that changed the user’s site to null.
  • Cleaned up some stock shopping cart user interface problems, specifically the cart screen.
  • Fixed batch action problem on the asset inventory page when you selected multiple assets to check out only the first one was carried forth.
  • Fixed a save and copy problem in the model record which caused the originating model to be overwritten.
  • Added two additional fields to the stock suggested reorder report category: category, lead time.
  • Added three additiional fields to the stock purchase order report category: category, min quantity, max quantity.
  • Added an additional data field to the stock inventory report category: preferred vendor.


BarCloud Web Update v6.02.46

November 2016

  • Fixed issue where the check out status was not showing when searching.
  • Fixed bug where the map would not save sometimes when importing from an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Optimized performance on Australian servers.
  • Cleaned up ui functionality to prevent the “Checked out” from being renamed or deleted.
  • Fixed bug where all incoming items were being set to Non-Inventory.
  • Fixed customer label issue.
  • Fixed so that the quantity of serial items cannot be modified to the same ID.
  • Fixed issue where the start date changed in some instances.
  • Fixed a bug where in Pick List when adding a particular item that already exists in two locations, was not showing quantity.
  • Fixed bug where the VendorCode was not showing up in stock Receive history.
  • Fixed issue for custom label printing accuracies.
  • Fixed issue where the Date/Time for Asset Dispose History was inaccurate.
  • Fixed error message when processing an issue for a pick list.
  • Fixed the Manger/Requestor to match without email address in system.
  • Added ability in Return Transaction to allow returns to any location within the Site.
  • Set Packing List Number Generator to be enabled by default.
  • Updated Pack and Ship to also display all Closed Sales Orders.
  • Fixed where Inventory ID was not showing.
  • Fixed issue where the Barcloud API was timing out in some cases.

BarCloud Web Update v6.2.45

August 2016

  • [NEW FEATURE] Added the new Shopping Cart module in BarCloud Stock. Please contact your Solutions Consultant for pricing information.
  • Fixed bug in the Physical Inventory feature when modifying the quantity of serialized stock items.
  • Fixed bug in the Date functionality.
  • Fixed the issue in “Asset Assign”
  • Added Item Code Type in History Receive

BarCloud Web Update v6.2.43

July 2016

  • Fixed erroneous pop-up that appeared after editing Model# and clicking save.
  • Fixed erroneous pop-up that appeared when attempting to open a closed Picklist.
  • Fixed bug in the Picklist template report that prevented editing.
  • Updated the UI of the asset move transaction screen to improve the appearance of data in fields that have been selected.
  • Fixed UI bug that was changing the assignee number into the asset number after adding an assignee to a specific asset.
  • Improved the custom field editing and saving functionality by providing more ways to save than pressing the Enter key.
  • [NEW FEATURE] Location Min/Max allows you to set custom min/max inventory level triggers by location, which helps improve inventory turnover, reduce stockouts, and make order management easier.
  • Fixed labeling problems in the Depreciation Report to improve overall clarity.
  • Added the ability to add purchase order data in BarCloud Stock data imports.
  • [NEW FEATURE] New on-screen “Wiki Help” icon takes users directly to the BarCloud Wiki (user guide).
  • Added new grid view options, so users may see 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 or 300 rows at a time.
  • Enhanced the “Group By” functionality in grid views.
  • Added the ability to open a picklist by double-clicking a line item.
  • Fixed bug that occured when adding line items to an existing picklist.
  • Cleaned up the default formatting of the Picklist and Sales Order Picklist reports.
  • Fixed issue that occured when attempting to reset field names.
  • Fixed bug in Stock Item screen related to adding new a new stock number with alternate stock numbers.
  • Fixed bug that occured when editing/renaming fields in the Asset File area.
  • Cleaned up the “All History” functionality issue for the Stock to Asset feature.
  • Fixed bug that occured when adding a new stock item with image.
  • Fixed bug in the mapping portion of the Data Import process related to choosing a saved map.

BarCloud Web Update v6.2.42

June 2016

  • Add ability to have Min/Max per location in BarCloud Stock.
  • Updated user experience for better ease of use when naming/renaming custom fields.
  • Fixed bug where [Asset –> Edit] when trying to add assignees to a specific asset and hit on save, the assignee number is changed into the asset#.
  • Miscellaneous updates & bugs fixes for Picklist feature.

BarCloud Web Update v6.2.41

May 2016

  • Added Wiki help icons to BarCloud Web
  • Added the ability to import Stock Purchase Order files
  • Improved Pagination: Added the ability to display a select number of items per page in grids based on user choice (50,100,150,200,250,300)
  • Fixed several bugs in the PickList module

BarCloud Web Update v6.2.40

April 2016

  • We’ve automated the Asset Purchase Order numbering function. Now the PO # automatically populates when creating a Purchase Order, you no longer need to press the [Generate PO #] button any more! You can still manually enter and edit the PO # but you’ll need to change a System Configuration setting if you want to do that – reach out and we’ll help you do that.
  • Added the ability for Users to see ONLY their own Asset Purchase Orders. To turn on this feature, go to Admin > System Configuration > Purchase Order Preferences settings > and then checkmark ‘Enable Purchase Order filtering per User’.
  • If you’re using the Asset Purchase Order Approval functionality we’ve added some graphics to help visualize the Status and Approval Stage of the Purchase Order.

BarCloud Web Update v6.2.39

March 2016

  • Added decimal quantities to BarCloud Stock
  • Added Pick List to BarCloud Stock
  • In asset record, when you modify the value of an asset or inventory number custom field, the save & close button works properly again.
  • Error message no longer appears when filtering reports, changing date range, or using another data field filter.
  • Fixed barcode label printing issues involving weight.
  • Upload bugs fixed for Mac users.
  • Bug fix involving editing fields.
  • Fixed issue that prevented settings from saving after logging out.

BarCloud Web Update v6.2.38

January 2016

1. Fixed error that occured when trying to issue stock.
2. Alternate stock # now saves properly.
3. Added edit fields control to the BarCloud Asset Purchase Order feature’s notes, header, ship to, due date, and expected due dates fields.
4. Resolved BarCloud Asset custom fields issue.
5. Resolved error that occured when trying to filter reports by date range and other filters.
6. Fixed issue in the receive transaction that occured while printing user-defined fields on barcode labels.
7. Fixed issue that occured when manually typing stock # into a purchase order, instead of using the look-up or drop down functionalities.
8. Fixed bug that occurren when printing the Assembly report with 8+ columns selected.
9. In the Stock Issue transaction, stock # data now populates when a stock # is chosen from the lookup.
10. The receive stock transaction now processes successfully.
11. Resolved error that occured when saving vendor details in the stock item # file.
12. Resolved error that occured when trying to open uploaded images.
13. Edits made in the Asset Reservation feature now save properly.
14. Added “Lost/Stolen” as an available status in BarCloud Asset.
15. Added the ability to view a performed maintenance record by double clicking the row in grid view.
16. Fixed problem that occured sometimes when opening an asset file.
17. Resolved error that occured when selecting a user from Admin> User Settings> Users.
18. Fixed provlem that occured when searching for stock #’s with apostrophes.
19. Fixed server error that occured when trying to change password.
20. Fixed problem that occured when creating custom asset barcodes and clicking on “Finish and Edit” before selecting “Select By”.
21. In Peform Maintenance, the Person drop down menu now displays all the available persons.
22. Fixed error involved in appliying cost-price format in the system configuration area.
23. Fixed Show/Hide zero quantity inventory issue tied to the setting in system configuration.
24. Fixed server error when trying to view a custom checkout report.
25. Corrected bug that prevented assets from being checked out to the correct location.
26. Asset data exported from the grid view now displays updated field values.
27. Added functionality in PO approval process.
28. Asset reservations now appear properly in the calendar view.
29. Enable transaction date editing now saves properly.

BarCloud Web Update v6.2.37

Nov. 9, 2015

  • Bug fixed in Stock Item Files when navigating from page 1 to page 2
  • Bug fixed in BarCloud Web Avery Labels area related to the inadvertent locking of column and row fields
  • Added the Extend Cost field to the Stock Inventory Report view, which can be found next to the Cost field.
  • Fixed error that occurred when attaching document to asset file.
  • Fixed sorting error in Inventory screen that preceded a double click on an open record.
  • Bug fixed in Dispose transaction, which prevented Amount Available to match Quantity in Inventory.
  • Fixed bug in Asset Import that incorrectly gave some assets with the same model number a cost of zero
  • Cleaned up the sorting functionality for custom fields within the Inventory Reporting Feature

BarCloud Web Update v6.2.36

Sep. 28, 2015

  • Increased the file upload size to 100MB for pictures, videos, documents, etc.
  • In the mapping functionality for asset tracking there is now a message on the map to notify users that the location does not have a geo-location associated with it.
  • Reports can now be grouped by both location and model type.
  • Bug fixed within the mapping functionality for asset locations that appeared in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Bug fixed within the mapping functionality for asset locations that appeared in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Bug fixed in the Barcode Generator and Barcode Label Printer preferences to prevent page freezing.
  • The Look-up functionality (magnifying glass) now includes On-Hand Quantiy/Available Quantity within Sales Order area.
  • Asset Number field length has been increased.
  • Report Category created for Assemble.
  • Added the Donation Acquisition type within the purchase tab.
  • After an asset is checked out against a specific reservation it no longer appears in the reservation screen.
  • Asset Alert functionality is no longer malfunctioning.
  • Bug fixed for the Asset Assign functionality during Import.
  • Stock physical inventory no longer shows error after clicking Process.
  • Bug fixed in Scheduled Reporting— yearly reports no longer send every 3 hours.
  • “Asset# with Person ID” is now a custom barcode label available in all sites.
  • Asset Images now open from the Inventory screen.
  • Bug fixed when importing stock items for bill of materials, which was freezing during the field mapping process.
  • Bug fixed in custom fields that contained “http://” in the URL.
  • Bug fixed when trying to enlarge newly added images from inventory area.
  • Bug fixed in the QBO integration related to cost and sales price/markup.
  • Bug fixed when receiving over 5000 new serialized items at once.
  • Cleaned up the document attachment functionality within Perform Maintenance.
  • Bug fixed in Unit of Measure area related to UOM multiplier being greater than the Receive and Issue multiplier.
  • Bug fixed in alert functionality so that minimum quantity alerts trigger when stock is moved from site to site.
  • Can now add custom fields to the report view with the Purchase Order report category.

BarCloud Web Update v6.2.35

Aug. 1, 2015

  • Reduced restriction for adding pictures. Now Standard security level users, in addition to Full and Admin users, can add pictures.
  • Added the Person’s title field to the list of available fields to show on the Asset Inventory screen.
  • Added Extended Cost and Quantity On-hand fields to the list of available fields to include on a Stock Physical Inventory report.
  • Added the All History report category.
  • Added the Asset Idle report, which sorts assets based on how long they have not been used  (e.g. added, received, moved, checked out, checked in).

BarCloud Web Update v6.2.33

May 18, 2015

  • Added validation capabilities for the stock sales orders which allows better control during the stock issue transaction.
  • Added built-in alerts for advanced stock expiration dates (found in Admin > System Configuration > Alerts area).
  • Added purchase order numbers and sales order numbers to the standalone barcode label print capabilities.
  • Adjusted the inventory high, inventory low, and inventory out calculations to be per site, if “multi-site” is enabled, instead of being globally calculated.
  • Added the ability to change the auto logout time period from default (60 minutes).
  • Adjustment made to alerts for Parent-Child module— redundant “child” asset alerts are suppressed because of the “parent” asset alert.
  • Changed the three-field login scheme to a two-field login scheme (email and password).
  • Cleaned up the report category names by removing stock and asset prefixes.

BarCloud Web Update v6.2.32

April 20, 2015

  • Cleaned up ability to include custom data fields in an export
  • Cleaned up batch action function in certain asset transactions
  • Added the Stock-to-Asset transaction allowing for easier flow from the stock database to the asset database
  • Enhanced the Maintenance capability within BarCloud Asset to now include custom data fields as part of the “Perform Maintenance” transaction.
  • Added the ability to show the SKU picture on the stock inventory grid view.
  • Added the ability to import Stock Sales Orders.

BarCloud Web Application v6.2.31

March 23, 2015

  • We added Asset Reservations! This allows users to reserve equipment for check out and also prevents users from reserving the same equipment at the same time.
  • You have the ability to extend the due date of a checked out asset without having to re-enter the original Check Out criteria.
  • Asset Route Tracking is available! This feature allows you to conveniently track assets when traveling outside your location of business with your smart device.

BarCloud Web v6.2.30

March 10, 2015

  • We added Scheduled Reporting! This feature helps automate your reporting process by allowing you to select the criteria to report on and automatically run reports periodically (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
  • The maintenance history date now converts to the correct time zone of the user.
  • Improved system performance.

BarCloud Web v6.2.29

February 27, 2015

  • Added the ability to see an asset’s maintenance history details right in the asset record by double-clicking the line item record, no need to go to the maintenance history area for the details any longer.
  • Enhancement to the Data import functionality by allowing you to import and update assembly BoM line items rather than updating items manually.
  • Added ability to turn on an onscreen drop down list to directly access available integration information.
  • For Advanced Stock licensed systems – added check steps to limit users from changing a Stock Item’s inventory type, for example from Batch to Standard, only when it is safe to do so.
  • Stock Item #s containing commas are now able to be Issued out of inventory.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.28
February 16, 2015
  1. Added the ability to see an asset’s maintenance history details right in the asset record by double-clicking the line item record, no need to go to the maintenance history area for the details any longer.
  2. Enhancement to the Data import functionality by allowing you to import and update assembly BoM line items rather than updating items manually.
  3. Added ability to turn on an onscreen drop down list to directly access available integration information.
  4. For Advanced Stock licensed systems – added check steps to limit users from changing a Stock Item’s inventory type, for example from Batch to Standard, only when it is safe to do so.
  5. Stock Item #s containing commas are now able to be Issued out of inventory.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.27
December 1, 2014
  1. Added the ability to check out an asset without assigning a due date so the user does not receive due date alerts.
  2. You now have the ability to reset all field names back to their original values.
  3. When grouping assets by the parent asset in the inventory screen, you can now double click and view the parent asset that is being used to group.
  4. When exporting to excel, added the ability to export to Excel 2007, as well as Excel 2013 (.xls and .xlsx)
  5. Added the ability to import alternate codes during the stock item data import using Excel.
  6. Enhancements to the Inventory Assembly feature.
  7. Added the ability to add new addresses directly from site records and customer records.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.26
October 10, 2014
  1. The “Assembly Manufacturing” feature was added! Easily build finished goods assemblies from a Bill of Materials. This improves inventory control and traceability for manufacturers by automatically deducting the raw materials needed for assembly builds.
  2. We now allow URL hyperlinked custom fields in addition to the existing Text, Numeric, and Date field types.
  3. QuickBooks Online enhancement for line item sync errors allowing you to ignore the line item for future syncs.
  4. Enhanced modification to data exporting—leading 0’s no longer stripped during the export process.
  5. For processing Stock Physical Inventory, the inventory ID #’s are now properly treated as individual inventory instances instead of duplicate Stock Item #s.
  6. Picture handling enhancement—pictures are now opened using your default picture application such as MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
  7. Stock Item’s Price properly appears based on its calculated or fixed price instead of having two separate data fields.
  8. Added additional Person identifier fields such as Title to the asset inventory page.
  9. Enhancement to Advanced Stock tracking—added User Defined fields as part of the Receive transaction allowing batch-lot and serial specific attributes to be tracked.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.25
September 29, 2014
  1. Adjusted the display of data on the transaction history page so that it is now sorted chronologically newest at the top.
  2. Enhanced the look and feel of BarCloud’s drag and drop data grouping function.
  3. Location types now sorted alphabetically in drop down menus and an asterisk was added to identify the default system entries.
  4. User defined fields created on the model form can now be viewed on the asset inventory data grid.
  5. Added User, Username, and Security Level fields to the Person file for easier identification and reporting.
  6. Added the ability to sync QuickBooks Online Estimates to BarCloud Sales Orders.
  7. Enhancements to the print>email function for Purchase Orders and Sales Orders, the email field now auto populates with the corresponding customer contact email address and the vendor contact email address.
  8. Adjustments so users can now easily receive non-inventory stock items.
  9. Enhanced the cost and price fields we now allow a system configuration setting to allow 2, 3, or 4 digits after the decimal.
  10. Added ability to easily re-check out assets to extend their due dates.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.24
September 1, 2014
  1. QuickBooks Online integration enhancement – we’ve cleaned up the integration mapping area a bit making it easier to understand.
  2. Report wizard enhancements – you can now select Portrait vs Landscape layout, and automatically include your company logo and address on reports.
  3. Did some housecleaning in the Purchase Orders area.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.23
August 4, 2014
  1. We’ve added UPS, USPS, and DHL as carriers for easily shipping labels from within BarCloud
  2. Adjustment- we now only allow receiving a duplicate Inventory ID # to the same Stock Item #.
  3. QuickBooks Online integration enhancement- we’ve added Purchase Orders to the bidirectional sync capability.
  4. QuickBooks Online integration enhancement- we’ve expanded the sync progress bar to be more informative and decreased the time it takes to sync.
  5. Did some housecleaning in the Admin System Configuration area to be more logical and streamlined.
  6. Self-Check Out was made easier by allowing you to default the Person field to be the logged in User.
  7. Advanced stock enhancement—we now allow you to Move less than the full quantity of a Batch inventory item, in other words you can now split batches of inventory.
  8. Added the ability to print multiple copies of the same barcode label.
  9. Shipping transaction enhancement—when creating a shipping label, shipping prices for the other service levels are shown allowing you to change ship methods quickly based on your criteria be it price or delivery time frame.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.22
July 16, 2014
  1. Pack and Ship feature! This features allows users to pack stock items and ship them out of inventory.
  2. Cleanup regarding the login screen on IE browser.
  3. Simple UI adjustments in the system configuration settings.
  4. Small enhancements and adjustments in the batch receive and 0-qty areas.
  5. Enhancements and fixes to the system configuration alerts.
  6. Users now have the ability to create their own user groups and assign permissions to those groups.
  7. Added the ability to pre-generate custom labels.
  8. Warning will now be displayed when deactivating a parent-children relationship when tracking assets.
  9. When syncing QuickBooks, a progress bar will now be displayed.
  10. Users have the ability to add new Models and Stock Items from the Receive Transaction if the ability to Add New Models is enabled in the system configuration.
  11. Enhanced stock analytics adjustments.
  12. Added a system configuration option for alternate European date format.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.20
May 12, 2014
  1. You can now view stock item pictures onscreen and include them in reports!
  2. Ability to set which fields are mandatory in the setup files area and for transactions.
  3. Added email and text alerts for the inventory low and inventory high set points.
  4. Ability to deselect Purchase Order line items when receiving assets.
  5. For Advanced Stock, a system configuration setting was added to allow receiving more of the same batch.
  6. We added a new reporting category to make it easier to report on overdue assets.
  7. Continued system enhancements to optimize performance, speed, and security.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.18
March 24, 2014
  1. Added the ability for admins to move and transfer stock and assets from site to site.
  2. Added Inventory Low and Inventory High reports.
  3. Users can now import Asset purchase orders.
  4. Added three validation options for receiving against asset purchase orders.
  5. The QuickStart Guide now stays enabled until the user decides to disable it.
  6. Improved speed, performed system optimizations and system cleanup.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.17
February 17, 2014
  1. Improved speed, optimizations, and system cleanup.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.16
January 13, 2014
  1. Added the ability to import stock inventory levels using the BarCloud Data Import tool.
  2. Users now have the ability to import asset parent-child relationships, and also update existing asset records using the BarCloud Data Import tool.
  3. Added the feature of uploading images, documents, and videos to the model file.
  4. Continued system enhancements to optimize performance, speed, and security.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.15
December 16, 2013
  1. Added stale inventory reports which shows which stock items and for how long they’ve been inactive in your inventory. Includes graphs!
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.14
November 18, 2013
  1. Enhanced and improved the mapping functionality when multiple markers are shown in close proximity to each other.
  2. Fixed problem so when moving a parent asset, all child assets will also move.
  3. Added ability to pre-print asset barcode labels.
  4. Added a system configuration setting allowing users to set the number of digits after the decimal for cost-price fields.
  5. Added additional history views specifically for All, Added, and Physical Inventory.
  6. Adjusted BarCloud’s website support chat which now allows users to use their BarCloud username/password login information instead of a separate login.
  7. Enhanced and improved the PO and SO printing functionality so printing can take place from the PO and SO areas directly.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.13
October 28, 2013
  1. Added the Asset Alert functionality which includes email and text alerts based on a warranty expiration date, service contract expiration date, and due date for checked out items.
  2. Ability to perform the stock receive transaction by using an alternate SKU.
  3. UI adjustment allowing the navigation tree to stay hidden if you close it.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.12
October 7, 2013
  1. Security updates addressing website request forgery, SQL injection, and others.
  2. Added improvements to picture management including file name and date information.
  3. Improved the look and feel of data grids.
  4. Added Google drive, MS SkyDrive, Dropbox, and as sources for the data import tool.
  5. Fixed the navigation tree problem where it would not stay hidden.
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.11
September 16, 2013
  1. We have added Mapping! The feature allows you to view your assets on a map.
  2. Added the ability to view deactivated and disposed records.
  3. Added the functionality to see pictures of assets on the main inventory screen, and can be added to reports as well.
  4. Ability to edit the transaction date associated with inventory transactions.
  5. Miscellaneous bug fixes
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.10
August 5, 2013
  1. A new Asset Maintenance Module for scheduling and performing maintenance events
  2. Adjusted the default setting for the data grids filter function default from ‘Is equal to’ to ‘Contains’
  3. Fixes for using special characters in the custom data field
  4. Adjustments to the transaction for the multi-site systems dealing with users logged in under all sites. Those users will now have access to the receive transaction only.
  5. Miscellaneous bug fixes in the reports area for Multi-site users logged in under all sites
  6. Adjusted the asset inventory grid view for the cost field to show the two digits to the right of the decimal
  7. Adjusted required fields for the person’s email
  8. Miscellaneous bug fixes
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.9
July 8, 2013
  1. Fixed calculations in the data usage bar
  2. Minor UI adjustments to better allow for big data
  3. Fixed problem with changing user status between active/inactive
  4. Implemented an alternate method for accessing the field control areas of the forms
  5. Barcode label improvements to built-in labels as well as more control for custom labels
  6. Addition of Asset built-in reports
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.8
June 20, 2013
  1. Supplier (Vendor) field  is added to the Asset and Stock Receive.
  2. Button “Save” is now Added to All Forms, when this button is clicked the form saves information without closing.
  3. All Asset Transactions are now updated with the lookup functionality instead of Drag and Drop.
  4. Multiple Bug Fixes
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.7
June 03, 2013
  1. Added system configuration print preferences so the user can print the barcode in the forms with the label type and label size that he chooses and by default the size is zebra 3×1 except for the asset it is 2×1.
  2. Barcode – Default Label print for the Asset, Asset with Model Number, Asset with Asset Name
  3. Added lookup search for the stock transactions (handles huge data)
  4. Added Payment Information tab where you will be able to view/change payment methods and view billing history
  5. Stock receive with validated, non-validated and full purchase order
  6. Added new charts
  7. Added name badge for printing
  8. Bug fixes
ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.6
April 16, 2013
  1. BarCloud’s home screen has been updated with an all-new Quick Start guide! This new guide provides an effective way for new BarCloud customers to get started in just four easy steps!
  2. UI changes and new icons
  3. Bug fixes

ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.5

March 19, 2013
  1. Easily integrate ASAP BarCloud with QuickBooks Online (transactions)
  2. View your data in the form of graphs and charts with our Analytics feature
  3. Connect users at different locations to a master database with our Multiple site feature

ASAP BarCloud v 6.2.4

February 16, 2013
  1. Easily integrate ASAP BarCloud with QuickBooks Online
  2. Update any asset’s condition and its notes when checking the asset out and in
  3. Update any field when processing an “asset receive” transaction
  4. View any field when performing a transaction in: Move, Check Out, Check In and Dispose
  5. Create “parent­–child” relationships between assets
  6. Create custom barcode labels with the new barcode label wizard
  7. Create barcode catalogs
  8. View information in the footer log when viewing or editing any file item
  9. Use browser history functionalities (back, forward and refresh buttons)
  10. Add the Advanced Stock Inventory feature to your ASAP BarCloud for advanced inventory items, including: batch lot inventory, serialized inventory, serial with quantity inventory, inventory with an expiration date, non­–inventory items, and last in/first out (LIFO) and first in/first out (FIFO) items
  11. Use the Physical Inventory for stock feature

ASAP BarCloud v. 6.2.2

October 20, 2012
  1. Implemented new data grids for improved response times.
  2. Added a search bar to the data grids
  3. Improved user validation with regards to user licensing.
  4. Added system admin ability to manage logged in users.
  5. Added ability for users to reset their passwords from the login screen.
  6. Added database backups to
  7. Added popup messages for alerting users to required fields.
  8. Improved tab key navigation between data fields.
  9. Miscellaneous adjustments

ASAP BarCloud v. 6.2.1

August 23, 2012
  • Added Asset Check Out-In functionality
  • Miscellaneous adjustments

ASAP BarCloud v. 6.2.0

July 29, 2012
  • Initial release of the Stock functionality

ASAP BarCloud v. 6.1.0

June 27, 2012
  • BarCloud Web initial release – Asset functionality


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