Product Updates

Passport Product Updates

Passport v6.01.36

June 2018

  • Fixed Deleting Address Error
  • Fixed Model Disappears when created on New Asset Form All Sites
  • Fixed Multi-Pane UI Address on Inventory Screen
  • Fixed a bug related to copy asset issue
  • Fixed bug related to receiving transaction
  • Fixed performed maintenance editing

Passport v6.01.35

June 2018

  • Fixed a duplicate Assets in Different View
  • Transaction Duplicates When Using Android App


Passport v6.01.34

March 2018

  • Fixed AD issue where sync was not occurring at the scheduled time
  • Fixed issue where filtering for an asset caused an exception error
  • Fixed issue where Excel import link was missing
  • Fixed notes issue on pack transaction so they are not reportable
  • Fixed issue where assets were not able to be disposed
  • Fixed issue so person ID shows for custodian drop down instead of first/last name combination
  • Fixed issue where populated fields were not being displayed in reports
  • Fixed WiFi sync problem where return transactions were not showing


Passport v6.01.33

February 2018

  • Fixed an issue with Shopping Cart views only accepting orders from users with the security level of Admin
  • Fixed an issue with Wireless Sync where Return transactions were not being synced.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Activate’ button was showing up on already ‘Active’ assets
  • Fixed an issue with default picklist report which prevented its use in specific situations
  • Fixed an issue which caused certain models to not be available to check out.


Passport v6.01.32

December 2017

  • Fixed problems with report formats sent via email
  • Fixed issue where quantity was not populating when adjusting inventory
  • Fixed errors on stock issue transaction
  • Fixed error that prevented the checking out or checking in of an asset
  • Fixed issue where stock purchase orders could not be emailed.
  • Fixed errors on stock issue transaction
  • Fixed alert issue where low inventory alerts were being sent before items fall to the min
  • Fixed error that prevented the checking out or checking in of an asset
  • Fixed problems with issuing kits
  • Fixed problems that occur when printing a sales order
  • Fixed issue where users were not able to open a document from the document screen
  • Fixed issues with reporting
  • Fixed AD Sync issues
  • Fixed error that occurred during loading screen where.Net Framework error would occur
  • Fixed default asset picklist issues


Passport v6.01.31

November 2017

  • Fixed issue where users received an error when opening Passport’s System Configuration
  • Fixed print problem where barcodes were being cut off on labels and reports
  • Fixed problems where fields related to asset types were incorrectly being required
  • Fixed error caused by users accessing Asset Reservations screen
  • Fixed issue with duplicate stock items appearing
  • Fixed history report filtering problems
  • Fixed issue on Passport mobile where serial #’s that were issued were not able to be scanned for return
  • Fixed an issue where the same stock item # was able to be added twice using different inventory types
  • Fixed issue where the selected default PO and SO format is not being saved
  • Fixed issue where signatures captured on a mobile device was not being synced to the Passport database
  • Fixed problems with Passport desktop issue transaction
  • Fixed image display issue in Passport’s desktop client
  • Fixed reporting issue where asset locations were identified incorrectly
  • Added checkout configuration option that only counts weekdays and not weekends
  • Fixed sync issue where transactions on mobile scanner were not updating properly
  • Fixed return transaction problems where returned items show as already existing
  • Fixed an issue which caused fully validated purchase orders to not record the items which were received against it
  • Fixed issue where password reset was causing an error
  • Fixed issue where signatures captured with Passport mobile were not being synced to the Passport database
  • Fixed issue where UD fields were missing on the stock issue transaction
  • Fixed issue where issue transactions were not being synced from Passport mobile
  • Fixed an issue with WiFi sync on Windows Mobile Devices which caused Purchase Orders not to be synced
  • Fixed an issue with single sign-on which prevented the editing of a user’s account info
  • Fixed issue where the Active Directory connection string was being cleared out of the AD Sync Settings
  • General fixes with passport mobile sync process
  • Fixed problems where some user defined fields were not available for data import


Passport v6.01.30

September 2017

  • Fixed issue that caused errors when attempting to print a Sales Order
  • Fixed error on data import where asset #’s were said to exist even if they did not
  • Fixed an issue which caused an error when trying to access users records after an Active Directory sync
  • Fixed an issue in which the packing list # was not being properly recorded causing issues with the Pack and Ship Feature
  • Fixed issue where models could not be deactivated even when no active assets were associated with them
  • Added DD1149 print format options
  • Added combined Asset and Stock packing lists for use with DD1149
  • Added feature where documents can now be attached to transactions
  • Enabled extra tabs for use on the Asset Model form


Passport v6.01.29

August 2017

  • Fixed a problem where signatures captured on a mobile transaction were not showing in history.
  • Fixed an issue with the UPC Query function which prevented the Stock Item # from being updated.
  • Fixed an issue which caused previously received line items from a Sales Order to be re-listed when receiving the remaining items at a later date.
  • Fixed the ribbon navigation to be responsive in relation to the window size.
  • Fixed issue where user Edit permissions were not removed properly if the security level still had Add permissions.
  • Fixed a move transaction problem where the system was overriding the entered lot number.
  • Fixed an issue transaction problem where the system was overriding the entered lot number.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented running certain reports pertaining to not having proper permissions.
  • Fixed UI bugs where the Flag and Note icons would not change color appropriately.
  • Fixed a Purchase Order problem where line items were being marked as having quantity one already received upon saving the purchase order.


Passport Mobile Smartphone App v4.0.6

July 2017

  • Fixed the login process to be more stable.
  • Fixed the random app shutdown problem which only seemed to occur with Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • Fixed the Asset > Inventory problem where adding a picture to an asset did not work.
  • Fixed the Asset > Files problem where adding a picture to a Model did not work.
  • Fixed a problem in the Asset Receive transaction when Purchase Orders are enabled it showed the getpobycode error message.
  • Fixed a problem in the Asset Reports area when generating a report it would give an error message.
  • Fixed the Asset Check Out problem that allowed the transaction to occur even if the asset was already checked out (and the system configuration was set to not allow this.)
  • Fixed the Asset Move transaction problem when signature capture is enabled and when processing the transaction it showed the edit_assetmovetransaction_st error message.
  • Fixed the Stock > Files problem when opening the Stock Item file it showed the get_stock error message.
  • Fixed Stock Receive transaction problem where successive receives showed the edit_stockreceivetransaction_st error message.
  • Fixed the Stock Issue transaction problem when sales orders are enabled and when entering an Inventory ID # it showed the get_stock_by_so error message. Fixed Stock Issue transaction problem that resulted in an error message.


Passport v6.01.28

July 2017

  • Fixed an issue which caused an error message to pop up when scheduling a report.
  • Fixed security group permission issue which allowed some users to access data fields that should have been inaccessible.
  • Fixed a permission problem which prevented users from printing out a Purchase Order in the Classic UI.
  • Fixed cost type issue that prevented some quantities on transactions from being edited.
  • Fixed Asset Purchase Order issue that prevented newly created Models from being displayed
    Added the ability to map Active Directory security groups to Passport security groups.
  • Fixed issue where receiving against a Validated PO prevented additional stock items from being received in the same transaction if the additional items were not on the original Purchase Order.
  • Fixed issue where receiving against a Validated PO prevented additional stock items from being received in the same transactions if the additional items were not on the original Purchase Order.
  • Optimized transaction processing to reduce wait times on certain transactions for systems with over 10,000 items.
  • Fixed issues preventing non-smartphone mobile devices from properly posting stock pick-issue and asset receive transactions conducted on the mobile device.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Show Alternate Stock Item #s option from being applied to mobile device.
  • Fixed a kit creation problem with serial numbers where additional line items were created and would need to be manually removed.
  • Fixed pop-up error in the user area that occured when opening user records.
  • Fixed problem in the picklist form where the picklist identifier was missing.
  • Fixed a move and pick-issue transaction problem for advanced stock inventory systems in that alternate SKUs of standard SKUs would not be recognized.
  • Fixed issue where the Passport QuickBooks Integraton was not allowing the syncing of Sales Orders to be enabled.


Passport v6.01.27

June 2017

  • Corrected issue where blank alert messages were being sent.
  • Added the ability to see custodian’s manager in an Asset Inventory Report.
  • Added a new Stock Inventory Report Category for slow and non-moving inventory items.
  • Added the Unit of Measure detail to the Adjust Stock Inventory transaction.
  • Added the ability for a user to select a specific sheet from an excel workbook containing multiple sheets.
  • Fixed search issue in Classic UI which caused issues when searching for an asset.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the adjustment of some items while in an adjust transaction.
  • Corrected issues preventing users with temporary passwords from being able to login and change their password when running a second instance of the system.
  • Adjusted the Check out the receipt to include ‘Person’ in the header.
  • Fixed the ability to sort the grid view by ascending and descending order of any column shown.
  • Fixed the issue preventing transaction edits from being saved.
  • Corrected an issue which caused the Passport configuration to be overwritten when updating the software.
  • Fixed issue preventing physical inventory adjustments from being recorded in the history.
  • Fixed an issue causing receive transactions based off of Purchase Orders to have incorrect quantities associated.
  • Corrected an issue with Sales Order where they did not show the appropriate quantities for line items.
  • Corrected an issue with the import process which prevented addresses from being associated with locations when importing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Report Designer which prevented certain fields of data from being properly exported to an Excel file.
  • Corrected field names for Asset and Stock Sales Orders to be more clear for modifying permissions of Security Groups.
  • Resized the Scheduled Maintenance form to show all fields properly.
  • Fixed the ability to remove documents which have been uploaded to the Maintenance perform and schedule forms.
  • Corrected accessibility of Stock Sales Order Pick-list which prevented entitled users from viewing or printing the report.
  • Corrected security group permissions for the dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue where Return Transactions were not being shown in the Transaction History.
  • Fixed an issue where Sales Orders were re-opened when an item issued from that Order was Returned.
  • Added the ability to Active Directory Integration Settings which allow the user to select an OU to import.
  • Corrected an issue where enabling “Add” permissions for a Security Group also enabled “Edit” permissions which should be separate.


Passport v6.01.26

May 2017

  • Changed the Address data fields from numeric to text to allow more data entry possibilities.
  • Fixed a problem causing some Return transaction receipts to be blank.
  • Resolved intermittent problem with price not populating properly on the Pick/Issue transaction page.
  • Resolved problem preventing Motorola MC55 mobile devices from syncing.
  • Corrected an issue occasionally preventing the Dispose transaction page from loading.
  • Fixed the problem where the selected Stock Purchase Order format was not saving. And set the Purchase Order grid view Action drop down to use that format.
  • Cleaned up the Stock List area so that the format can be selected from the dropdown. And set the Stock List grid view Action drop down to use that format.
  • Cleaned up the Passport Mobile WinMob application for the Stock Receive transaction to better follow the business rules for keeping the header fields intact.
  • Cleaned up the Passport Mobile WinMob application for the Stock Pick/Issue transaction to better follow the cursor forwarding rule when using Non-Validated Sales Order mode.
  • Added the One-Time data field to the Maintenence Scheduled report category so that you can filter the report for just one-time maintenance events.
  • Fixed an issue preventing new Stock Purchase Orders from being saved properly.
  • Fixed issue which caused newly created Purchase Orders and Sales Orders to show as having received 1 quantity after saving and reopening.


Passport v6.01.25

April 2017

  • Fixed issue returning proper results when searching for an Alternate SKU.
  • Added USPS availability to shipping choices
  • Fixed an issue with syncing only a portion of the users from Active Directory.
  • Added the ability to have multiple Active Directory groups for a single user
  • Fixed issue where adding a note via the note icon on a data grid caused grid to revert to it’s original starting starting point
  • Fixed issue with data grids not properly sorting by date
  • Fixed an issue preventing Custom Maps from functioning properly for Active Directory user importing.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Custom Maps from functioning properly for Active Directory user importing.
  • Added a Print option when creating a kit allowing users to print a list of low inventory needed to complete the kit
  • Added new icons to the columns in Gridview.
  • Fix issue which prevented proper setup/completion of certain kits.
  • Added the ability to copy multiple assets in one function.
  • Fixed the search function to improve results
  • Updated category availability for the Inventory Value by Customer graphs on Passport’s home screen
  • Adjusted UI where some transactions were missing
  • Fixed ability to remove a second address.
  • Adjusted UI so that X button to close a search query was more accessible
  • Corrected calculations for Asset Allocation by Model graphs on the Home screen.
  • Added the ability to view ‘Issued Assets” in inventory screen.
  • Updated category availability for the Inventory Value by Customer graph on the Home screen.
  • Adjusted UI to adjust for buttons being cut off on user screen
  • Added Database and Site identifier to the Multipane UI
  • Adjusted UI where Maintenance Perform button was missing
  • Adjusted shipping label creation where the sender and recipient details were being cut off at the bottom

Passport v6.01.24

February 2017

  • Added a print option in the Kitting/Assembly transaction, purpose is to print out the line items that are low.
  • Cleaned up the Active Directory Integration mapping function to correctly associate AD security groups to specific Passport security groups/levels.
  • Fixed a problem in the history area where the click sort of the date column was not working properly.
  • Adjustments and clean up of the Passport Desktop home page charts and graphs.
  • Fixed a problem in the history area where the search function was invoked immediately upon entering a character, instead of waiting for the user to press the search icon.

Passport v6.01.23

January 2017

  • Multipane UI fixes to the inventory grids so it correctly hides the Add New button based on user security level.
  • Multipane UI fixes to the Update and Copy buttons on an asset record so they are correctly hidden based on user security level.
  • Multipane UI fixes to hide the Dispose transaction option in the batch action drop down of the asset inventory grid based on user security level.
  • Fixes to the Active Directory integration where custom maps were causing a problem.
  • Fixes to the Active Directory integration where syncing would continue indefinitely.
  • UI adustments to data grids to resolve issues with the alert icons (notes, flags, alerts) not updating properly when the grid is sorted.
  • Fixed the Excel Data Import feature for Stock Item importing where the decimal values were being dropped.
  • Fixed a problem in the Return History area where items returned were not being shown.
  • Fixed a scheduled reporting bug where error messages would appear when pressing the Schedule button.
  • Fixed a problem in the Move History area where site to site moves were not showing the from site correctly.
  • Added a system configuration setting for the mobile smartphone app to be enabled for HTTPS.
  • Fixed a report problem where an unhandled exception error was displayed when running reports.
  • Fixed ability to return Inventory ID #’s which have been issued.
  • Fixed problem that didn’t allow an alternate stock item # to be added to a stock item.
  • Fixed display problem where duplicate stock items show when adding a new stock item.
  • Fixed some problems related to custom fields showing-hiding based on custom user security levels.
  • Fixed a problem in the mobile sync process that was providing a false mobile version mismatch error.
  • Fixed problem when importing locations with addresses that had thrown an error message and prevented the import.
  • Fixed a sql script problem that caused a Move_Stock_Batch error when executing the update script.
  • Fixed a mobile UI problem where main menu items weren’t properly being shown-hidden based on the user security level.
  • Fixed a mobile UI problem where main menu icons were overlapping.
  • Fixed two wiki links that were incorrectly pointing to the asset wiki instead of the stock wiki.
  • Optimized the mobile UI transaction screens so that the cursor defaults into the first field onscreen.

Passport v6.01.21

October 2016

  • Updated auto-formatting for UDNum fields so that numbers now display without trailing ‘.’.
  • Fixed issue where the min max location was not displaying in the stock item page.
  • Fixed issue where both windows close (instead of the latest) when you click the print list button, and then click cancel.
  • Updated location value in system configuration for checkin from checkout location.
  • Fixed a run time error in the StockItem dlg >supplier tag when performing a search in edit supplier.
  • Fixed small UI issue on the print packign list button.
  • Added a Grid Alert column.
  • Added current location to the move history report categories.
  • Fixed bug where the history column disappeared in the stock history screen when seraching inside a column.
  • Fixed bug where the security group was not working as expected in all site.

Passport v6.01.20

August 2016

  • Updated UI to render correctly on lower resolution screens.
  • Added “Stock Inventory Move” function within the Excel Data Import feature, which is logged in History.
  • Added date/time stamp field on Stock Item report for the last time a Stock Item was either created or changed.
  • Added the Home Location (code) field to the All History and Checked Out History reports.
  • Added ‘Notes’ clickable icon to each applicable grid views.
  • Added ‘Notes’ flag icons to each applicable grid views.
  • Added the ability to add stock number Minimum Order Quantity for a PO to both the suggested reorder function and manually entry on PO line items.

Passport Mobile App v4.0.3

July 2016

  • Fixed issue that occurred during app launch (Android)
  • Stock Ship Transaction now processes if the logged in User isn’t an Administrator.
  • Fixed the issue that occurred when grabbing a PO, including Closed PO.
  • Continued system enhancements for an improved user experience.

Passport Mobile App v4.0.2

July 2016

  • Fixed login issues
  • Continued system enhancements for an improved user experience.   

Passport Mobile App v4.0.0

July 2016

  • Ability to add new Stock Item and New Asset.
  • Ability to add Asset Sales Order.
  • Now supports the RFID barcode.
  • Added the Stock Ship Transactions.
  • Continued system enhancements for an improved user experience.

Passport v6.01.19

July 2016

  • Fixed issue where app would restart or close when going to ‘performed’ on Perform page.
  • Fixed an issue when importing PO’s from all sites.
  • Added a new feature to Maintenance Work Order Management/Maintenance Part List that allows a user to pick and scan Stock items used for maintenance of an Asset.
  • Added ability to autocalculate the Net Weight into Receive Quantity field.
  • Added the ability to identify which SO’s are ready to pick/issue based on available inventory.Added the ability to add custom tabs per Asset Type.
  • Fixed issue in the signature transaction area where first and last name was not being recognized in the system.
  • Added ability for non-admin and account users to see cost data on charts.
  • Added ability to mark records as inacvtive (peerson or location) which allows you to filter them from the Current Active view without needing to delete them.
  • Added Maintenance Schedule and History tab to asset record.
  • Added the abilty to export grids in Perform and Schedule Maintenance, Asset Inventory, and Stock SO.
  • Minor UI fix to increase size of buttons on specific screens.
  • Fixed minor bug where the price was not changing on override in the Stock to Asset issue.
  • Fixed bug where the page details were not updating when the ‘show performed’ button is clicked.
  • Page now refreshes when we delete location type with updated page and drop down.
  • Fixed bug where in the signature dialogue when ‘Cancel’ is clicked, the transaction would process.
  • Fixed bug where changing the selection of the scheduled or performed button in Perform Scheduled Maintenance, an unhandled exception would sometimes occur.
  • Added minor feature to autopopulate Inventory ID #, and option to enable/disable, on Receive Transactions.
  • Added a Systems configuration setting to default the Pick Qty to the locations available Qty.
  • Fixed bug where the cost type in the move category was not being updated properly from an Excel file import.
  • Fixed issue in the Securiy Level so that now when the location is unchecked, the location type is also automatically unchecked.

Passport v6.01.18

May 2016

  • Greyed-out and disabled label when check box for ‘temp password’ is checked.
  • Added line at column separators in grid views so users can more easily ‘grab’ and resize column widths.
  • Fixed UI where the popup window in the Asset Type file view to render in the correct size.
  • Fixed UI in the Maintenance, Perform, Add a New Person, to show the saved name upon completion.
  • Fixed UI in Asset > Model > Model Type to disable delete on items that are ‘not-deleteable’.
  • Updated settings to show Integration Settings for customers with an integrations license.
  • Fixed UI in Stock History where the history column wasn’t showing up properly.
  • Fixed UI bug in the Admin > User where the columns were being reset.
  • Fixed UI in the Stock item/inventory search page where ‘show single or multiple’ settings update would not update displayed information.
  • Updated ‘Add New’ feature throughout the application to show list or edits before ending the search.
  • Fixed UI on the Asset page to save notes correctly after editing model or cost data.
  • We’ve updated password control to now allow users to set and manage their own passwords, instead of Admin-only controlled passwords. Admin’s can turn this feature on or off on a per user basis.
  • Since adding the new ‘user-controlled password’ feature, we’ve added functionality to allow user’s to reset their passwords.
  • Since adding the new ‘user-controlled password’ feature, we’ve added functionality to allow user
  • Passport now has the ability to allow users to print a transaction receipt at ‘check-in’ or ‘check-out’. This feature adds an additional layer of acountability and traceability to your ‘check-out’ and ‘check-in’ process.
  • Fixed Passport trial errors.
  • Added ability to print picklists.
  • Added ability to sort in data grid views.
  • Fixed error in reporting section which caused app to crash after running a report without first choosing a report.Fixed bug in Asset Checkout form where when selecting 12am as the time, the date moved to the next day.
  • Updated how items with zero quantity are treated when serial number validation is run.
  • Fixed validation error in the excel file import Perform Maintenance when choosing the person’s name versus the person’s ID.
  • Fixed error in Maintenance import feature on the Asset side where viewing ‘all sites’ caused a ‘doesn’t exist’ message.
  • Fixed bug in Stock Transactions Return where some items in the location list dropdown did not show.

Passport v6.01.17

April 2016

  • Corrected surplus issue in Passport Asset that prevented the lookup functionality from returning a value.
  • Improved the smoothness of the navigation from Passport Asset to Stock.
  • Corrected the data field issue that occurred when an item was in “All Sites” with a default location and blank supplier field.
  • Deleting a stock item in the new user-interface no longer deletes the stock item and model in the database.
  • Fixed bugs in the “Combined Inventory” and “Stock Suggested Reorder” reports.
  • Added an error message in the reporting screen to notify the user when a report has already been exported and is currently open in the background.
  • Fixed error in the search function for the Asset Inventory page.
  • Corrected pagination issue related to historical searches when inputting alternate SKUs in the search functionality.
  • Removed “Unhandled Exception” error notification that appears when pressing down in reports with no line items listed.
  • Added the ability to search by suppliers stock number in the Stock Inventory page.
  • Cleaned up the clear data function in the “Add New Kit” screen.
  • Removed “Unhandled Exception” error that appeared when clicking on the header titles in the view document pop-up.
  • Data now populates correctly in drop downs and fields within the “Asset Checkout” screen when adding a new reservation.
  • Added the ability to search per transaction number in the edit transaction forms.
  • Fixed bug in the asset screen of the old user interface when opening the dlg and clicking on add new.
  • Fixed the when attempting to load new document types in the stock inventory file document type area.
  • Removed “Unhandled Exception” error when user clicks on an empty area in the asset reports screen, and in the barcode catalogue tab when trying to edit (Passport Asset).
  • Enabled the Custom Label option in System Configuration menu for the receive transaction within the Receive and Purchase Orders tabs.
  • Fixed bugs in the filter functionality within the reports area that occurred when leaving the module and returning.
  • Added the ability to update quantity in the Stock Inventory Excel Import module, not just import.
  • Fixed bug that occurred when copying an asset, which prevented the warranty info from being included in the copy.
  • The schedule notes in the Schedule Stock Maintenance screen now saves values correctly.

Passport v6.01.16

March 2016

  • Added the ability to send scheduled reports to two different email groups.
  • Fixed error that occured when changing password from the user settings.
  • Now in Admin > System Configuration > Receiving & PO tab > Receive Using PO section > Re-order, there are three choices with Full at the top and None at the bottom.
  • Removed error that occured after validating when attempting to import “Perform maintenance”.
  • Fixed error that appear when clicking on view button in the maintenance history tab asset file.
  • Scheduled Maintenance notes now display and are editable as part of “Perform Asset Maintenance”.
  • Maintenance History tab is now available in the Asset pop-up window.
  • Fixed error that occured when trying to import issuees while logged in as all sites.
  • Added Home Page dropdown to choose which panes to show.
  • History Page now displays correctly.
  • Fixed the checkbox bug in the Asset Receive transaction that was incorrectly generating the asset # automatically.
  • Fixed error that occured when trying to process the receive tansaction while ‘Print Receipt’ option is checked.
  • Added ability to resize grid columns in the Purchase/Sales Order file line items grid.
  • Removed exception notice that appeared when a user row was double clicked to open a record.
  • Added ability to view Issue UOM, Dispose, and Mobile Issue WIP from desktop.
  • When a reservation is created in the check out form, it will not appear until we navigate to another page and then come back to checkout page.
  • All stock item fields are now included in all of the stock History Report.
    In the Asset Inventory page the search functionality is fixed.

Passport v6.01.15

February 2016

  • The close, minimize and maximize buttons now show in the classic user interface option.

  • Fixed bug that prevented certain items from showing during receive or move transactions

  • Fixed run report error.

  • Added a ‘x’ button to clear searches made in the new user interface option.

  • Within Schedule Asset Maintenance screen, the column ‘date added’ now returns dates instead of integer values.

  • Field titles such as model#, description, serial#, etc. that were hardcoded are now dynamic.

  • In the barcode area, the RFID label no longer gives an unhandled exception when the filling this field.

  • Within the Perform Maintenance screen, the data fields are now showing saved data.

  • Within the pick list area for assets, asset # and serial # fields now return correct values after clicking edit.

  • In the new user interface option, within the perform and schedule maintenance pages, the ‘ok’ and ‘cancel’ buttons are now positioned correctly.

  • ‘Asset Attributes’ has been added to the grid in Performed and Scheduled Maintenance.

  • The bug that appeared while editing the name of an existing map has been fixed.

Passport v6.01.14

Dec. 23, 2015

  • Users can now run reports without inputting a name.

  • Debugged exception error that occurred in the Stock Add New screen when adding a supplier and then clicking the edit button.

  • Debugged exception error that occured in the Barcode screen after choosing a label and clicking edit.

  • Modified message that appeared in the Asset Import module if you click ‘delete map’ before choosing a map. The message was “Are you sure you want to delete this map?” and now it is, “Select a map first.”

  • Added System Configuration setting which allows you to turn on/off the ability to select transaction line items using stock descriptions.

  • Within the Excel Import Module: When you choose the excel file you wish to import and haven’t built a map yet, you are still able to proceed after receiving popup error message.

  • Fixed error in the Stock Shipping transaction that occurred after clicking ‘shipped’ and then ‘not yet shipped’.

  • Removed the “can’t process” message that incorrectly appeared when creating a kit in the stock area with enough quantity to complete the kit.

  • Removed ‘unhandled error’ in the Excel Import module when processing a Perform Maintenance import.

  • Added ability to import updates to purchase orders

  • Added option to combine stock and asset inventory report


Passport v6.01.13

November 25, 2015

1. Cleaned up the Excel Import functionality, in order for Asset Department to update correctly.

2. Bug fix within the Stock Receive History screen. The SKU no longer shows 2x-4x for each receive transaction.

Passport v6.01.12

October 20, 2015

  1. Cleaned up the “Home location” functionality in the Check Out-In module. Multiple assets are able to be associated with multiple home locations without error.
  2. Newly added assets will not be automatically added to the “move asset list.”
  3. New configuration setting for Asset Department Code! Asset Department and Person Department can now be viewed if needed.
  4.  Added the ability to add Asset Name in the mobile receive transaction.
  5. Bug fixes in the Kitting module
  6. User-defined fields in the Asset Move screen are now able to be saved to History and Report
  7. Default Purchase Order (Warehouse) Report bugs fixed.

Passport v6.01.11

August 17, 2015

  1. The “Group By” pop-up message now is saved locally instead of per session (in new user interface).
  2. Corrected the Asset Check-In bug involving locations data changes during use of WiFi sync.
  3. Improved the “Ship to address name” search functionality within Stock Purchase Order screen. It now searches all fields and line items.
  4. Fixed “Report – Move History” bug that occurred when filtering by inventory type.
  5. Added the ability to receive Kit Stock items when QuickBooks is disabled.
  6. Added a customization to the stock receive “Directed Putaway.” When selecting a location, the “Located at” and “Product Expiration” for each stock item will be limit the ability to update to only those two fields in the Receive transaction.
  7. Fixed search functionality related to data retrieval bug.
  8. Added “Supplier” user-defined fields to Receive History Report.
  9. Added UOM Multiplier to Stock Sales Order format.
  10. Fixed Stock Receive History Report bug, the selectd field is now available to the editor.
  11. Corrected the Asset Check-In bug when checking an item back in to the home location (it no longer automatically defaults to the check out location).
  12. The Stock Excel Import correctly populates the Receive Inventory unit cost.

Passport V6.01.10

July 14, 2015

1. Optimized the loading of data from Asset Inventory to Asset.

2. Added the “Product Expiration” data field to the Location Min-Max tab within SKU files in Passport Stock.

3. Enhanced the QuickBooks advanced inventory integration to Passport Advanced Stock.

4. Added accounting security group to the reports area for site-specific fields.

5. Enhanced the create kit transaction: Users are now alerted when there is enough inventory to create x amount of kits. There are also new inventory filtering capabilities.

6. Username has now been added as a barcode label field.

7. Username has now been added as a physical inventory report field.

8. Fixed the Asset Inventory screen so that it filters per logged in site

9. Fixed the search functionality in Passport Stock so that it will return the items with quantity zero even if we have set not to show zero quantity.

10. Corrected the sales order line number when printing reports.

11. Fixed issue in the Import transaction related to Asset, Model and Locations

12. Fixed issue in the Create Kit transaction—the magnifying glass functionality and the move transaction no longer show 0-quantity line items.

13. Updated the Stock Sales Order Default Report to show the report based on the security level.

14. Updated the quantity calculation in the Stock Receive transaction.

15. Deleted Stock Items now correctly disappear from the data grid after the action is taken.

Passport V6.01.09

June 8, 2015

  1. Added dropdown navigation to show open/close in Purchase Order and Sales Order within the new user interface.
  2. Added the ability to edit supplier information directly from the suppliers tab in the Stock Item Edit form.
  3. New ability to dispose against a Pick List when performing the stock dispose transaction.
  4. Fixed “weekday error” in the Schedule Report form.
  5. Improved the Clear data option in the classic user interface so that values do not appear after a search is done.
  6. Added the ability to manage the Stock and SKU description for the related Stock Items using a dropdown.
  7. Optimized the asset reports database within the classic user interface.
  8. Optimized the speed of accessing the data in History > Stock Issue and added indexing.
Passport v. 6.01.08

May 4, 2015

  1. Added the “Create Packing List” checkbox in the Move Asset transaction.
  2. Enhanced the “Asset Check Out Alert” within “Dashboard Alerts” so that users have the ability to edit it.
  3. Enhanced column functionality in Classic UI. Column doesn’t save when “Show Dispose Asset” status changes.
  4. The current location of an asset now updates when the home location is changed, even if the asset is moved to another location.
  5. Asset Clear will display the asset from all sites even if the current user is on a specific site.
  6. Added a report category for “inventory high” to show all SKUs at or surpassing their maximum quantity threshold.
  7. Added the ability to enter stock cost during the Receive Stock transaction on Passport Mobile.
  8. Added the ability to use Grocery Store Mode and auto-save within the Physical Inventory section of Passport Mobile
  9. Enhanced Stock Transactions so that users can perform other transactions (Receive, Move, Issue, Dispose, Physical Inventory) using Alternate SKU.

10. Enhanced Disposed Asset transaction to allow editing of disposed asset files.

11. Added the following Purchase Type options in Passport Assets: Rent, On Loan, and Consignment. Please note that the “lease” tab must be enabled.

12. Added new System Configuration option that enables the On-Hand Quantity to appear on a Sales Order form.

13. New UI Configuration labels updates

14. Updated both the Asset and Stock Lifecycle dashboards

15. Removed “Person” from “Reorder Files” in Passport Stock.

16. Removed secondary columns from Stock, Asset and Maintenance Files and added a folder icon tool to access that data.

17. Updated Stock Item Dialog UI

18. Updated UI colors and default settings

ASAP Passport v. 6.01.07

April 6, 2015

  1. Added the ability to check out an asset that has already been checked out.
  2. Modification to the “Issue” transaction- the default quantity is now set to 1 in Passport Mobile.
  3. Enhanced search functionality- added the ability to use “ “ to find an exact match, or use OR argument.
  4. Added the ability to auto print an issue transaction receipt within Stock “Issue” transaction.
  5. Added “Inactive Stock” Report Category
  6. Online Catalog- Added a pop-up message to confirm if user intended to “Save” or “Submit” an order. Also, Passport will check against open sales orders to make ensure items on order aren’t duplicated
  7. Added the ability to see a stock description when processing a Stock Inventory Adjustment
  8. Updated “Dashboard Item” to include “Source,” which allows users to have a line item for open PO’s in Stock Purchase Order
  9. Updated menu ribbon for Stock- removed “Person” from “File” dropdown
  10. Updated default columns for stock items

ASAP Passport v. 6.01.06

March, 2015

  1. Enhanced grid column order for stock and asset history grid.
  2. Removed data filter error that occurred when using the magnifying glass search functionality.
  3. Updates made to “Snapshot” and “Recent Transactions” on home screen.
  4. Added the ability to configure certain data labels such as changing “Supplier” to “Vendor.”
  5. Enhanced “Dashboard” graphs in Asset and Stock systems.
  6. Added a folder icon in the menu ribbon to open requested grids.
  7. Added the ability to double click on a grid row to open a stock/asset record.
  8. Moved “Depreciation” from the “Transactions” dropdown to the “Functions” section in the menu ribbon.
  9. Added shortcut icons for “Reserve” and “Maintenance” in the “Asset Lifecycle” flow chart.

ASAP Passport v. 6.01.05
February 18, 2015

  1. Increased the height of the Address Dialog
  2. Added the ability to search for a specific stock item in Purchase Orders and Sales Orders.
  3. When moving a stock item, the expiration date moves with it.
  4. Added the Department to Asset field under the General tab.
  5. Added a warning message that will pop up when attempting to delete a location related to an asset or stock item.

ASAP Passport v. 6.01.04
December 29, 2014

  1. Enhancements to the Ship functionality under asset.
  2. Modifications to the import of Stock Sales Orders.
  3. Added Transaction notes to history.
  4. Updated the Sync message when a physical inventory item is created on the scanner.
  5. Modifications to the inventory number when receiving stock against a PO for batch items.

ASAP Passport v. 6.01.03
November 24, 2014

  1. For the Asset Check-Out Report, you can add header user-defined text fields (3).
  2. Added Due Date Time to the Asset Check-In Transaction Grid.
  3. Added Logged on user as a category to the Asset and Physical Inventory Reports.
  4. When issuing stock to asset, you can now map the Stock # fields to the Asset Name.
  5. Added the “Shipped To” address information of a Purchase Order to the Purchase Order File Grid Area.
  6. Added the ability to exclude or disable the auto log out functionality on a particular machine so that Alerts or scheduled reports can be processed overnight.
  7. Added the ability to import Stock Sales Orders using the Excel data import functionality.
  8. Added the ability to add non-inventory items to assemblies.

ASAP Passport v. 6.01.00
October 23, 2014

  1. The system no longer times out while editing an Asset.
  2. The error no longer occurs while trying to edit an issue transaction.
  3. All issue transactions are now appearing in the History File and also inside the History Report.
  4. Users are now able to issue out non-inventory items.
  5. Adjustments made to the web inventory report.
  6. Optimized the Dispose Asset write to the database.
  7. Optimized the Move Asset write to the database.
  8. SO are now validated and saved in history when performed on mobile barcode scanners.
  9. Ad integration now syncs directly after editing settings.
  10. Optimized Stock Adjust Read from the database transaction code.
  11. Optimized the Dispose Asset write to the database.
  12. Optimized the Move Asset write to the database.
  13. Optimized the Stock Dispose Read from the database transaction code.
  14. Optimized the Stock Issue Read from the database transaction code.
  15. Optimized the Stock Move Read from the database transaction code.
  16. Added the ability to add Ending Count Last Month column to a report.
  17. Optimized the Asset Adjust Inventory Write to the database transaction code.
  18. Optimized the Asset Dispose Write to the database transaction code.
  19. Optimized the Asset Move Write to the database transaction code.
  20. Optimized the Stock Receive Write to the database transaction code.
  21. Optimized the Stock Issue Write to the database transaction code.
  22. Optimized the Stock Move Write to the database transaction code.
  23. Optimized the Stock Adjust Inventory Write to the database transaction code.
  24. Optimized the Stock Receive Read from the database transaction code.

ASAP Passport v. 6.00.11
September 22, 2014

  1. Asset User Defined drop down values now display when in multi-site mode.
  2. Asset Check Out transaction no longer doubles the due day amount.
  3. Optimized the speed and performance when reading and writing on the Stock adjust, issue move and receive transactions.
  4. When Stock receiving against a supplier, the supplier is now recorded in the history area.
  5. Added the ability to select, deselect, and delete line items from the stock receive and issue transactions in bulk.
  6. Users can now require the PO field as a user required field on the receive form.
  7. All users of a particular group are now successfully importing with the Active Directory module.
  8. QuickBooks customer ship-to-address are now being imported into Passport.
  9. Added the ability to assign maintenance tasks to a person.

ASAP Passport v. 6.00.01
August 27, 2014

  1. Report security is now enforced within the PO and SO form areas.
  2. Adjustments to report menu screen.
  3. Adjustment made to the Receive Asset Transaction—when an asset is received, it will now appear within the history without any error and the user will be able to receive the same asset number.
  4. Added the ability to track the parent of an asset prior to its disposal.
  5. Custom barcode labels can now be printed from the receive stock screen.
  6. The unit of measure information for stock can now be added to the Stock All History Report.
  7. Added the ability to add the Model and current location information of an asset to the Asset Maintenance Scheduled report category.
  8. Importing Purchase Orders enhancement—added the ability to import a PO with the same PO number as the previously deleted PO.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.33
August 1, 2014

    1. Dashboard items now refresh based on the time intervals specified by the customer.
    2. Asset Reservation- the entered check in date cannot be to be earlier than the checkout date.
    3. When printing Stock Sales Orders from the Sales Order File, line items are no longer suppressed to zero quantity line items following System Suppress zero quantity settings.
    4. Adding and editing All Sites Models runtime error fixed.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.32
July 16, 2014

    1. Pack and Ship feature! This features allows users to pack stock items and ship them out of inventory.
    2. Reports security are successfully filtering our reports per user security level.
    3. Added the ability to specify the condition of an asset at the time of checking out and checking back in an item.
    4. Added the ability to perform unscheduled maintenances.
    5. Dashboard alerts are now displaying the correct settings in edit mode.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.31
July 16, 2014

    1. The Asset PO now calculates tax correctly and the tax rate is hidden in edit mode.
    2. The stock file showing inventory located at locations that have been deleted do not show anymore.
    3. The stock adjust inventory look up only shows inventory items, not stock lists.
    4. The Stock Inventory Screen no longer shows a runtime error when searching on all columns.
    5. The Stock Receive and Move Transactions are now transferring to desktop while performing a Manual Sync.
    6. A pop-up is now displayed to warn users that a parent-child relationship will be broken by deleting the parent from other assets.
    7. When disposing an asset with “Dispose Back to Stock” option checked, users can now click the “Click here to add” cell without having an Asset number selected.
    8. Fixed miscellaneous UOM issues, performed system optimizations and cleanup for QuickBooks.
    9. The system now pre-selects location when inventory exists at only one location when creating a kit.
    10. Error fixed in the Asset Move transaction when moving to a person.
    11. Enabled the ability for the asset number to be the same as an inventory ID # or Stock item number.
    12. For SMTP server settings, added the ability to create a custom subject line and custom email body.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.30
May 30, 2014

    1. All fields will now clear after saving a stock transaction on the mobile barcode scanner.
    2. Added a system configuration option to delete multiple line items for the asset receive transaction on the desktop.
    3. Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements. 
    4. Added the Pack N Ship feature!.
    5. With the Pack N Ship feature, you now have the ability to generate FedEx shipping labels. 

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.29
May 12, 2014

      1. Supplier price will overwrite the vendor price for use on P.O.
      2. Enhanced reporting area to be more user friendly.
      3. Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements. 
      4. Added the functionality for the system to prompt the user to select a printer of their choice.
      5. The stock adjust transaction now calculates the decimal value without rounding to a whole integer. 
      6. Added the ability to rename, show and hide issue tabs.
      7. Added the ability to print and encode RFID tags.
      8. Enhanced the data import capabilities to update site, stock item, and supplier data.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.28
March 17, 2014

      1. The documents tab on the stock purchase order can be edited in the field control area.
      2. The documents tab on the asset purchase order tab can now be edited in the field control area.
      3. Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements. 
      4. Tapping the save button can now cause the cursor to jump back to the stock item number field after hitting saved so other items can be returned.
      5. The stock adjust transaction now calculates the decimal value without rounding to a whole integer. 
      6. Added the ability to create an Asset Sales Order.
      7. Added the ability to issue out an asset.
      8. Added the ability to issue out assets.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.27
January 27, 2014

      1. Fixed the asset move transaction condition field by enabling it to either be required or not required.
      2. Added condition field to the receive asset transaction in Passport Desktop.
      3. The maintenance icon is now hidden in the ribbon when disabled within the system.
      4. There is now the option of turning off the supplier field in the receive stock form from the field control area.
      5. Added the ability to use multiple model numbers to receive a specific model.
      6. Previously when the quantity in the stock item file was zero, now the item quantity of zero will be hidden/suppressed.
      7. Ability to add the list number/pick list number field to the history and the report.
      8. Added the ability to save the maximize screen setting for Passport.
      9. In order to properly display the physical inventory taken, the date range is now mandatory because it is required for the report to show the correct results.
      10. In regards to a purchase order, there is now the option of turning off the purchase order field in the receive stock form from the field control area.
      11. When creating a kit, you are now able to create the kit numbers and issue them from all sites.
      12. Previously creating kits, you were able to select items and allocate inventory, but now it will show you how many kits you can create based on the inventory you have.
      13. When creating a kit, you can click a print button and print it as a pick list or print it as a list directly from the kit area.
      14. The maintenance icon is now hidden in the ribbon when disabled within the system.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.26
January 8, 2014

      1. Desktop and Mobile- Added the stock return module. This gives the user the ability to use the return transaction to return an item back into inventory after previously being issued to a customer.
      2. Added the ability to display or hide the condition of an asset within the asset receive transaction screen.
      3. Minor bug fix and improvements to the excel import module regarding UOM duplicated when uploading and validating data.
      4. Improved Passport stock pick lists allowing the user to pull the same item (SKU number) from pick lists as long as they are in different locations.
      5. Adjusted minor fixes to the asset site to site move history. Users are now able to view the history of an item when moved from site to site.
      6. Added the functionality of keeping already chosen items after changing the supplies selection for the Passport stock purchase order.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.25
December 6, 2013

1. Asset Check out- Added the ability to specify checking out to location only, to person and/or to both location and person.
2. Added the ability to view active and expired recurring maintenance.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.24
November 11, 2013

1. Adjusted minor fixes to the asset Depreciation module- improved custom formula button.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.23
October 7, 2013

1. Added the maintenance interval look-up and add button for scheduling asset maintenance.
2. Passport Web Service- the existing version will be overwritten, and will not require the uninstall first.
3. Added the ability to edit stock issue transactions when issuing stock.
4. Physical inventory Site ID is always set to 1 no matter what site is chosen regarding Asset Physical Inventory.
5. For Passport Desktop, the screen size will be set to the current monitor screen.
6. For Passport Desktop, added session ID with check to determine if Passport is already running.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.22
September 6, 2013

1. Added the ability to import a Pick-list of inventory items using the excel import feature.
2. Edited the Stock Receive WIP functionality

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.21
August 07, 2013

1.  Fixed multi-site move bug
2. Fixed miscellaneous QuickBooks integration bugs
3. Asset Maintenance-added ability to select additional data collection fields (cost, location, notes) as part of the perform maintenance transaction so they can be accessed via the mobile transaction
4. Added new data collection fields from Asset Maintenance to reporting so they can be reported on
5. Fixed a bug in the edit mode of the receive transaction to handle location quantities correctly
6. Added ability to import the model type in to the models file using the excel data import tool
7. Miscellaneous adjustments and bug fixes

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.20
July 12, 2013


1. Excel Import-Added the ability to import site specific information
2. Excel Import-Added the ability to import advanced inventory
3. Optimized data retrieval for the file grids
4. Various bug fixes and improvements


1. Ability to set asset condition through the receive, move, check out, and check in transactions
2. Added person name to the asset search grid
3. Various bug fixes and improvements

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.19
June 05, 2013

1. Asset Authorize Module – Mobile Software not filtering out non-authorized assets
2. Asset Move – Ability to Edit Move Transactions
3. Stock Issue screen > Field Control > bugs regarding… List / List Code / Picklist / Picklist Code
4. v5.08.12 [R-Store] Passport Stock > Purchase Order > the line item Stock Item dropdown is not filtering per supplier
5. Stock to Asset Cycle functionality not transferring the inventory items purchase order to the asset
6. Mobile Asset Search – searching using model # inventory category, it is searching the asset # column instead of the model # column
7. Asset Check Out – Setting user required fields on “To Location” and “To Custodian” has no effect on the Asset checkout form
8. Asset Excel Import – Ability to import “Insured” value
9. Sales order print out – Added a system configuration option to include non-inventory items to the print out
10. Stock Move – Trans line item UD fields not moving to the new item
11. Asset Check in – Added a system configuration option to check asset back to the location it was checked out from

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.18
April 29, 2013

1. Ability to enable SSL for email authentication.
2. Run time error when pressing on “Executive Dashboard” link
3. Person UD Fields, Values not appearing for Non Admin Users.
4. Run Time error “Selected does not belong to table” when trying to add a new User.
5. Added the functionality to bring in the Vendor “Account #” field from QuickBooks.
6. Added the functionality to bring in the Purchase Order “Ship Via, Terms, FOB, Other1, Other2” fields from QuickBooks.
7. Added the functionality to bring in the Customer “Account #” field from QuickBooks.
8. Added the functionality to bring in the Sales Order “Ship Via, Terms, FOB, Other1, Class, Rep” fields from QuickBooks.
9. Improved Asset and Stock inventory performance.
10. Stock List > directed list > includes 0 qty line items, Added the ability to control the zero qty line items by the
System Configuration Show/Hide zero quantities.
11. Added the functionality of a Select All/Un-Select All on the data look up dialog.
12. QuickBooks auto Sync required a report to be Auto Ran, changed functionality so eliminate this requirement.
13. Passport Mobile > Stock Issue screen throwing a “Parameter Name Index” if a Stock Item# is chosen and is not on the chosen
Sales Order.  [CA-02949-H5P2]
14. Changed Functionality to only display the SiteCode next to the Database name on the upper left hand corner of the application
when the Customer has multi-site.
15. Report Viewer, not remembering Sort Order.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.17
March 22, 2013

      1. Asset file > barcode label printing > need a setting to default to a custom barcode [CA-02114-Z3Q0]
      2. Database Concurrent violation when posting Asset Physical inventory. Create Kit has been updated.
      3. Added “Check All” on the User > Web Report Filtering tab. Adjusted Passport Stock ribbon sections.
      4. Ability to receive duplicate Batch-Lot inventory ID’s Asset Models Computer values not getting transfered to the Asset during excel Import. In Authorize Receive, authorized assets are now displayed.
      5. Under Reports / Stock, the “My Favorites” category is now listed first.
      6. Importing Ship To addresses from QuickBooksAdded Data Look up for the reporting filtering mechanism.
      7. Custodian field in the move Asset Grid is displaying True instead of the custodian value. Added the ability to use “Is Null” and “Is Not Null” as a filter criteria in the report viewer.
      8. Abstract Model Values overwriting the Asset’s Model Based values. Under Passport Stock / Sales Order line item, the UD fields are now available in the Sales Order format report.
      9. Asset Receive – Asset Name is getting auto populated eventhought it is marked as read only. Users now have the ability to specify if a person can be used as a custodian or not.
      10. Asset Maintenace (Mobile) ability to Use UDText 9 and UDText 10
      11. Mobile receive transactoins, ability to select paticular PO line item to apply transaction against. 

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.15
Dec. 10, 2012 

      1. Issue Mythology Settings (ability to loop on Location From or Stock Item)[CA-02345-G6J6]
      2. Excel import Stocklist appearing under Asset List
      3. “The value for column TranslineItemUD3 in table Items is DBNull” error when a stock item is chosen on the adjust screen.
      4. Added the ability to receive Stock against a Vendor
      5. Customizing “Cost Price” tab and Barcode creator [CA-02455-P0M9]
      6. View only users are marked as logged in users if they are the first ones to log into the system.  if there is a user already logged in that is more that view only, then the view user is not marked against the concurrent user count.
      7. Ability to receive stock against a Vendor [CA-02363-H8T3]
      8. User file navigation, back button not bringing user back to the Original selected User.  it  bringing the user back to the Users file only.
      9. Ability to Edit Advanced Stock inventory Values (Transaction line items and expiration date) through the adjust stock transaction screen.
      10. Barcode label > PO Line Item category has problems [CA-02046-X8F5] (The barcode Source Has to be “Stock Purchase Order Line Items” and the Select by Fields needs to be “PO #” for this functionality to work.
      11. Runtime error when importing Asset purchase orders using the Excel import.
      12. Ability to import Asset depreciation method using Excel import.
      13. Mobile Software asking for Receive Line UD fields to be entered for Standard Stock while the Allow User Defined Line item fields for Standard stock is not Checked.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.14

      1. v5.08.09 > Passport Stock > QB Settings screen not saving checkboxes.[CA-02262-B1R4]
      2. Excel Data Import > Update function > allow updating the Asset’s location field + must write this to move history.
      3. Make QB diagnostics setting global.
      4. Asset History > include other transactions > Data Importing new assets, Desktop Add new asset, and asset file’s delete button.
      5. Mobile Physical Inventory “Wireless Sync” Object reference not set to an instance of an object error
      6. Adding Asset manually gets added to the Add history
      7. Adding Assets using Excel import gets added to the Add history
      8. Deleting an Asset manually get added to the Delete History
      9. QuickBooks returning invalid Link_TXnIDerror when creating Bills or item receipts for Purchase orders.
      10. QuickBooks returning invalid Link_TXnID error when creating invoices or sales receipts for Sales orders.
      11. Excel Import added Asset Purchased From field to the Asset import.
      12. Asset ModelUDText1 field not displaying the “&” Character.
      13. Stock Pick list, show/hide, line items based on the system configurations “Show Zero Quantity” settings.
      14. Ability to receive and issue out Non-Inventory Items
      15. Added “Sites Ship to address name” to the Inventory Issue History report Category.
      16. Fixed “the mobile scanners completely breaks down if during a wireless sync a user accidentally presses the “back” button”
      17. Fixed Admin > Excel import visible for non Admin users
      18. System configurations not getting transferred to the Mobile unit if a Wireless Sync is performed.
      19. Added functionality to be able to Archive Transactional history.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.13

      1. Newly added Issuee is not carried back into the parent form and pre-selected in the drop down.
      2. Field Control > Condition Code > set as required but it is not
      3. Stock Item import > map does not allow for importing the Notes field
      4. Sorted all of the Drop down fields.
      5. Sorted all of the Grid Columns in the Grid Column selector
      6. Asset Receive, PO does not get carried back into the asset record
      7. Stock Inventory report missing stock item notes field.
      8. QuickBooks and Scheduled reports, added Hourly interval
      9. Asset > Reports > Asset Move History category > add ‘Move To Location Type’
      10. Implemented the ability for the end user to set default Inventory Type.
      11. Implemented the ability for the end user to set default Cost Type
      12. Implemented the ability for the end user to set default Units of Measures.
      13. Runtime error, Invalid Column name ‘SiteID’ when running the Stock Sales Order Format report
      14. Model Computer values not getting transferred to the Asset when doing a receive transaction or mobile receive transaction.
      15. Receiving against PO not showing correct Stock item # (Instead showing supplier stock #)

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.12

      1. Added the ability to use custom mapping from Active Directory into Passport
      2. Added the ability to be able to identify the vendor that the Asset was purchased from.
      3. Added Date Added Field to the Asset inventory field control category.
      4. Multi-Site, not able to edit Models Site.
      5. Changed from test email to be the UN of the smtp server instead of, to minimize confusion
      6. Admin > Field Control screen needs the checkboxes removed to minimize confusion
      7. view -> location -> locations, when turning off the “notes” tab in field control the “notes” tab continues to display
      8. admin -> users -> person, when turning off both “employment info” and “notes” tab, they continue to display.
      9. Added computer Tab to Asset Model, which is tied to the computer Model Type.  the values of this tab will prefill the Assets Computer tab information “for new Assets only”, will not overwrite any existing data.
      10. Inaccurate checkout due date time run time error when initiating a scanner sync from the live cycle.
      11. Admin > System Configuration > QB, should allow the link to QuickBooks company file to be ignored from specific machines.
      12. (Mobile)Passport Asset v5.08.10 > Mobile Receive > auto-save is on… but apparently, the autosave code clears out some of the header fields
      13. 14. Implemented the ability to specify From email address for the scheduled reports and Alerts.
      14.  (Mobile) Grocery story barcode scan mode i.e. default stock quantity to 1 and auto save.

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.11

      1. Exception is thrown when validating an Asset List excel import.(fixed)
      2. Location Min/Max appearing in the stock file when it is not supposed to appear.
      3. Implemented Multi-Site for active directory Integration
      4. Implemented the ability to filter the active directory import based on Active Directory groups.
      5. Implemented Active Directory authentication on the Mobile device.  (Device must be connected wirelessly and Passport web services must be installed.)
      6. Default user settings not transferring over to new User (fixed)
      7. Implemented the ability to set the currently decimal precision, max 4 decimal points.
      8. Receive asset, cannot hide the Model # field (fixed)
      9. Checkout date not calculated correctly (fixed)
      10. Missing notes field from the stock item file and inventory grids (fixed)
      11. Exception is thrown when pressing the clear filter button on the Stock inventory screen (fixed)
      12. Excel data import, person/manager, ManagerID not getting updated (fixed)
      13. Implemented Mobile Asset Locate functionality (RFID Only)

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.10

      1. RFID Inaccurate location read, Asset will be read at more than one location, most likely cause RFID power SET Too high.  Fix to ignore the extra reads.
      2. Added Assets Transaction Signature Capture.
      3. Improved history Display performance.
      4. Added Status display for the Excel Data Import: Remove Selected button activity.
      5. Added Asset Check Out email & text alerts: Added the functionality to be able to issue alerts based on 1) Day before the Asset is due, 2) Day that the Asset is due and 3) Day of the check out
      6. Fixed an Error when performing an excel stock update.
      7. Added custom barcode label using custom 3×2 size
      8. Implemented the functionality to allow zero quantity and Negative quantity to be displayed in the Issue transaction form even though the Show zero quantity and Show negative quantity are disabled for the other forms.
      9. Implemented the ability to import the Category file using the excel import mechanism.

ASAP Passport  v. 5.08.09

      1. Added the ability to be able to edit the stock receive transactions.
      2. Added the ability to be able to suppress the use of the dropdowns in the transaction forms to improve performance.
      3. Added the ability to copy from the inventory screen.
      4. Added the ability save Sorting preferences.
      5. Fixed a runtime error when trying to edit Location Min/Max
      6. Added the ability for the QuickBooks integration to bring over Service Items
      7. Added the ability for Users to change their own passwords. Admin > User Settings > Change My Password tab.
      8. Fixed stock item bug –  UD Tabs being duplicated and fields in them not showing up.
      9. Added RFID Power Bar to all Asset Transactions
      10. Added the ability to alert the Checkout out to the person of an asset. (Dashboard Alerts)

ASAP Passport v. 5.08.08

      1. Added ability to export reports to text Pipe delimited.
      2. Added asset name to “move asset to” transaction
      3. Fixed Asset Checkout Due Time bug.
      4. Fixed issue with – Admin > User Settings > Label Printing > Default Preset Label does not work.[CAS-01372-Y6J7W2]
      5. Passport Assets – add ability to see ‘disposed asset file’ [CAS-01642-Z9G0Z1]
      6. Added the ability to print labels from Desktop Stock Receive screen (Desktop priorities list)
      7. Fixed issue with Software tab not showing up when selecting a Model whose model type or Asset type is software.
      8. Added UD line fields for Receive WIP transaction
      9. Added Multi-Site functionality


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