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ASAP Systems, an inventory tracking SaaS provider, announces a new sales tax reporting feature.

All countries, states, counties, cities, and sometimes even districts have different tax rates, which means invoices have to be individually adjusted according to the place of business. This is complicated and time-consuming. With ASAP Systems’ BarCloud, a cloud-based inventory tracking solution, this problem has been solved. BarCloud’s new configurable tax rate option allows customers to edit the tax rate of their sales transaction before issuing an invoice. Customers easily edit the value of their tax rate by following a short step by step tutorial (see instructional video above).

Issued invoices can also be modified and designed according to the specific needs of the company or industry. In addition, by adding a sales tax option to the Issue History, our inventory reporting feature is further enhanced.

ASAP Systems offers configurable and modular systems for inventory management and asset tracking, suitable for any industry and market. BarCloud, our cloud-based solution, can be accessed from multiple smart devices, anytime and anywhere.

ASAP Systems is continuously innovating following current and future technologies. “What makes our product stand out,” says Bradley Moore, Senior Sales Engineer, “is its configurability. Our team listens to our customers, and then they innovate accordingly.”  

About ASAP Systems

We solve the biggest problem in inventory management and asset tracking: Everyone does it differently. Through many years of experience working on a vast range of unique customer requirements, we have developed unmatched expertise in providing solutions that fit almost any budget, technical and user requirement. Our highly-configurable and scalable barcode and RFID based tracking systems are designed to provide maximum value today, tomorrow, and into the future. ASAP Systems have offices in San Jose, California (headquarters), and Austin, Texas.

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