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ASAP Systems Upgrades Passport Assets and Passport Stock with the Addition of a Time and Duration Cost Module that Tracks Time and Attendance, Asset Check Out Duration, Inventory Turns and Much More

ASAP Systems ( releases a Time and Duration Cost Module that can track the time associated with any asset, person or item in the application along with any related duration cost for those items.  This new module further expands Passport’s self-configurable inventory and asset tracking core products to give users the power to track anything and everything including time in use plus any associated interval costs.

San Jose, CA (October 19, 2010)—ASAP Systems, the premier provider of asset and inventory, stock, warehouse management system software for business and government, today announced the immediate availability of a Duration Module.  This module gives the Passport users the ability to track time associated with any asset, serialized inventory item or person plus any predefined associated cost that is attached to the item tracked.  The Duration Module was built to complement the hierarchical structure of Passport’s self-configurable application so the user can logically create categories and set parameters for all people and items that are being tracked along with a two-level cost.

Passport’s user-friendly, menu-driven application makes tracking time and attendance very easy within the new duration module.  An example of this is that Passport Asset and Passport Inventory users can track all employees and their tools or equipment as they check into the job site and have Passport track their time, the hourly rate of pay, their overtime rates and any other cost parameters.

“Passport is the only complete tracking solution on the market today that can track any asset, inventory, items and be fully configured by the users.  Our latest enhancement of a Duration Module gives the Passport users even more control of the application, whether they are tracking assets, tools, equipment, serialized inventory or people.  Keeping with our mantra of; never having to pay custom software fees with the ASAP Systems tracking solution, Duration is yet another configurability component that is built-in,” says Elie Jean Touma, president and CEO of ASAP Systems.

About ASAP Systems

For more than 23 years, ASAP Systems has been providing proven barcode and RFID solutions for automated data collection and tracking of assets, items and inventory to some of the world’s premier enterprises in virtually every major industry.  ASAP Systems brings tremendous depth in consultative solution expertise and an exceptional, combined solution of software and barcode equipment to companies looking to manage the inventory aspects of their business.  ASAP Systems is in a continual state of research and development, bringing only the very best to our customers, and carefully testing and proving new technologies as they emerge to ensure that they can meet the real-world demands of our customers.  Through many years of experience with a vast range of unique customer requirements, ASAP Systems has developed an unmatched expertise in customizing solutions to fit almost any budget, technical or user requirement and in providing systems which are extensible enough to grow and change with an organization. The number one goal at ASAP Systems from sales through technical support is customer satisfaction—guaranteed.

For more information visit ASAP Systems at or contact:

Mike Bruno
Vice President of Business Development
Phone: 408-960-7349


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