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Next Generation Inventory and Asset Passport Software Can Now Integrate With QuickBooks

San Jose, CA (January 28, 2009)—ASAP Systems today announced that its Inventory and Asset Passport systems are now compatible with QuickBooks, allowing for full integration.  With one click of a button, the cutting-edge, best in class, next generation tracking Passport Inventory and Asset applications allow users to synchronize and authenticate inventory levels, purchase orders, sales orders, pricing and all other inventory information.

ASAP Systems also introduced today new Passport mobile applications that allow users to authenticate data, perform data searches and queries on its hand-held scanners  without having to login to QuickBooks.  This seamless integration meets the needs of today’s highly mobile customers.

“Customers now have the flexibility to go between the two applications and pick and choose specific data they want to bring back and forth.  This is a powerful new way of working,” said Elie Jean Touma, ASAP Systems president and CEO.

In addition to QuickBooks, both Passport Inventory and Asset desktop and mobile hand-held devices integrate with other popular business software as well as hundreds of other accounting, CRM, ERP, POS and multiple database applications.

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