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ASAP Systems’ BarCloud Reduces Inventory Control Costs with a Complete Roll-Out at TelePacific Communications

San Jose, California (PRWEB) September 10, 2014
TelePacific Communications, the largest competitor to AT&T and Verizon in California and Nevada for small and medium-sized businesses, wanted to improve inventory and asset control. Specifically, they wanted a cloud-based solution that could track items in real time using barcodes. TelePacific now fully implemented ASAP Systems’ BarCloud inventory and asset tracking system.
“BarCloud was so user-friendly and easy to follow that we just gave it to end users and just asked them to start using it,” says Mukesh Tikarya, VP of Internal Audit at TelePacific Communications.
Using the BarCloud mobile app on smartphones, compared to a desktop inventory application, allowed TelePacific to take advantage of the user-friendly and easily configurable online system. The organization saved money by eliminating the need to purchase barcode-scanning equipment. Additionally, the company received further savings on employee training since the system was intuitive; it required no user training at all to begin tracking inventory.
BarCloud also minimized …

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ASAP Systems’ Passport Saves California State Parks Time and Money Through Inventory Management Automation and Barcode-Based Inventory Tracking

San Jose, California (PRWEB) September 03, 2014
Since 1864, California State Parks has helped preserve the state’s biological diversity and protect its most valued natural and cultural resources. Among the organization’s 280 park units, San Clemente State Beach purchases and issues stock inventory items to state beaches in Southern California. In order to improve the efficiency of their inventory management, the park needed a barcode-based inventory system that could automate inventory tasks in the stock room.
The State Park had been unsuccessfully tracking their stock inventory manually. It consisted of over 2000 items, including electrical parts, office and cleaning supplies, documents, and various materials. “Counting what we had and writing down orders by hand was a nightmare; the process was totally unorganized,” said Laura Griggs from San Clemente State Beach’s purchasing department. The team wanted to avoid guessing which items filled their shelves, the quantity of items, and who the vendors were. Also, they needed a …

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ASAP Systems Announces the Release of Passport 6.0, the Newly Redesigned User Interface for Its Stock Inventory Management and Asset Tracking System, Passport

San Jose, California (PRWEB) August 27, 2014
ASAP Systems, provider of the most configurable barcode-based system for inventory management and asset tracking, releases an impressive redesigned user interface that allows users to choose between a few user interfaces, color schemes, and fonts, among other settings. The new Passport 6.0 user interface settings were engineered to serve a variety of technical skill levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. Performing inventory and asset management tasks is now easier and faster than ever before.
In the user settings area, users can now choose between the “classic” user interface view, and the new “multi-pane” or “tile” views. Passport users that are most comfortable navigating through the “classic” view can continue to use it with the same functionalities. Alternatively, for Windows users, the “tile” view mimics the look and feel of the latest Windows OS user interface. It displays tiles for different transactions, reports, and graphical analysis as the user scrolls horizontally. …

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ASAP Systems Introduces the Abilities to Compare Shipping Rates and Print FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL Shipping Labels Directly from Its Online Inventory System, BarCloud

San Jose, California (PRWEB) August 13, 2014
BarCloud, ASAP Systems’ cloud-based inventorymanagement and asset tracking system, today enables users to select and print shipping labels from UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx. In addition, users can now compare the cost of each shipping option without leaving BarCloud. These enhancements increase the efficiency of the stock inventory shipping process by allowing users to select the best rate possible based on delivery timeframe, price and shipping carrier.
Previously, BarCloud users were limited to only printing FedEx shipping labels directly from the system. Also, users could choose different shipping options, but only view the price of one individual shipping choice at a time.
The BarCloud shipping process can be completed in just a few steps. First, users issue out a quantity of specific items from their stock inventory database. Then, users navigate to the pack feature to generate a pack number and confirm that the selected inventory barcodes have been scanned …

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ASAP Systems Makes Headway in the Environmental Solutions Industry by Providing MBC with its Scalable Online Inventory and Asset Tracking System, BarCloud

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) July 30, 2014
MBC, located in South Island, New Zealand, is a company that has specialized in environmental solutions involving project management, animal control, vegetation services, and erosion control since 2007. The company’s recent client growth and expansion into new areas of business prompted them to purchase a substantial amount of new equipment (assets) such as computers, laptops, generators, satellite phones, GPS devices, radios, and more. In order to manage the increase in assets, MBC wanted a cloud-based asset and inventory system that could monitor the location and status of assets anytime, anywhere.
Using Excel to track hundreds of moving assets (in-office and off-site) was ineffective for MBC because it failed to provide real-time inventory operations data. The unsophisticated system was not capable of tracking equipment that frequently changed users and locations. Adding to the challenge, employees worked simultaneously in a number of unique job sites, from inner city Auckland to remote …

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ASAP Systems Announces its Online Stock Inventory Pack and Ship Feature for Convenient Shipping of Stock Items Directly from its Web App and Mobile App, BarCloud

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2014
Previously, ASAP Systems, a market leader in providing barcode-based inventory and asset tracking solutions, released the Pack and Ship feature for its locally installed inventory system, but now introduces it within its online web application and mobile app, BarCloud.
The stock inventory feature allows users to login into BarCloud, pack the appropriate inventory and process a shipment via the major shipping service providers without logging out of the system. Users gain the power to configure their own shipping procedure within BarCloud so that shipments can be processed at anytime, anywhere to fit their business needs.
With this added functionality, the system provides the user with the following shipping options: process the shipping transaction, require a signature before processing, create a shipping barcode label before processing, or a combination of the three options. This way, users can develop a comprehensive and configurable shipping procedure that fits their inventory operations. Users can generate standard …

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ASAP Systems Institutes a Stock Inventory Pack and Ship Feature for Effortless Shipping Directly from its Desktop and Mobile App, Passport

San Jose, California (PRWEB) July 08, 2014
ASAP Systems, a market leader in providing barcode-based inventory and asset tracking solutions, today released the new Pack and Ship feature for its desktop and mobile apps. The stock inventory feature allows users to process a shipment via the major shipping service providers without needing to leave the system interface. Users gain the power to configure their own shipping procedure within Passport to fit their business needs.
With this added functionality, the system provides the user with the following shipping options: process the shipping transaction, require a signature before processing, create a shipping barcode label before processing, or a combination of the three options. This way, users can develop a comprehensive shipping procedure with all the elements their operations require. Users can generate standard shipping barcode labels, save them in the system as images, and print them in just a few easy steps. Further, the system logs all performed shipping activity …

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ASAP Systems Announces a Breakthrough in the Services Industry by Providing Windy City Equipment with a Barcode-Based Inventory System that Leverages Smartphones

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2014
Founded in 2003, Windy City Equipment, Inc. has grown from a one-man operation servicing a few customers to a large-scale provider of commercial kitchen equipment parts and repair services. The company’s growing customer base in the state of Arizona and increase in total on-hand created the need for an inventory system that could be scalable to their growth. In order to advance the company’s inventory operations, a system that incorporatedbarcode technology and smartphones was needed to accurately track the complete lifecycle of their inventory.
As a company, Windy City Equipment had entered a stage of maturity that compelled them to take their inventory operations to the next level. They needed to track about 20,000 commercial kitchen equipment parts that were being stored at a new warehouse facility, sent out in service trucks, and then distributed to customers. Without a barcode tracking system in place, management kept forgetting what …

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ASAP Systems’ BarCloud Introduces Its New UPC Lookup Function to Improve Asset and Inventory System Efficiency

San Jose, California (PRWEB) June 11, 2014
ASAP Systems, a leader in cloud-based asset and inventory tracking systems, has enriched the user experience for its online application, BarCloud, by giving customers the ability to look up assets and inventory by universal product codes (UPC’s). Users can easily perform this search in order to find useful information on products that are registered in UPC databases. The new feature saves users time by reducing manual data-entry and eliminating the need to leave BarCloud to find specific product information.
With the new functionality, users such as purchasing or procurement personnel, that receive a new product can simply scan the product’s barcode (with a mobile barcode scanner or smartphone) and click on the UPC Lookup icon that appears on the user-interface. Next, users can click the search icon to view the list of UPC database search results that contain product information including name, description, cost, and manufacturer. Afterward, …

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ASAP Systems Showcases Its Modular Inventory and Asset Tracking Systems, Passport and BarCloud, at the Healthcare Summit Hosted by ScanSource and Business Solutions

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) May 28,2014- ASAP Systems, a leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems, recently attended the Smart VAR Healthcare Summit to demonstrate efficacy in the Healthcare Industry with its barcode-based systems, Passport and BarCloud.
ASAP Systems joined other healthcare solution providers at the summit to further establish how valuable the company’s modular and configurable approach to inventory management is for end users in the healthcare industry. Medical offices, hospitals, and clinics require inventory and asset systems that can handle ever-changing business environments and accommodate any new needs that arise. With Passport, ASAP Systems’ locally installed system, and BarCloud, its cloud-based system, customers have the ability to purchase only the modules or options their operations currently require and have the freedom to add modules when needed.
Passport and BarCloud continue to redefine how medical supplies and equipment are tracked and managed. For example, the advanced inventory module allows users to automatically track all types …

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