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ASAP Systems Helps Global Company PICA Manufacturing Solutions Track the Movement of Parts in Real Time

San Jose, CA (September 14, 2012)—PICA Manufacturing Solutions, a global company that specializes in the design, manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards, is improving the efficiency of its supply chain using ASAP Inventory Systems to track hundreds of parts in real time as they move from vendors through manufacturing, production and assembly in PICA’s U.S., Canadian and Asian locations.  Fully integrated with QuickBooks, ASAP’s inventory management and asset-tracking solution uses barcode and RFID technology with Motorola mobile barcode scanners and smartphones to streamline inventory management and asset tracking.
Prior to working with ASAP Systems, PICA used QuickBooks to track the movement of its parts.  Although a leader in business accounting software, QuickBooks alone does not handle inventory management effectively.  As a result, PICA was experiencing high levels of inaccurate inventory counts at many of its locations, which meant delays in assemblies due to missing inventory or teams running out of …

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Web-Based BarCloud Stock Software for Inventory Management Now Integrates with QuickBooks.

BarCloud uses barcode and RFID technology for inventory tracking in the cloud.
San Jose, CA (August 6, 2012)—ASAP Systems (, the market leader in inventory management and asset tracking software, today announced that its newly released cloud-computing application, BarCloud Stock, now offers full QuickBooks integration.  With just a click of a button, users of BarCloud Stock can easily synchronize their inventory data with the popular business accounting application, automating repetitive tasks such as generating bills, item receipts, inventory adjustments and invoices.
Launched in July, BarCloud Stock is available to companies and organizations as a web-based application for tracking and managing inventory.  Data is centralized in a single online workspace, making it easy for employees to share real-time updates, reports and more.  All users need is an Internet browser to have complete control of their inventory information anytime, anywhere and on any platform.
In addition, BarCloud Stock extends QuickBook`s accounting features, such as tracking items …

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Asap Systems Helps Segs4Vets Track Thousands of Segways Donated to Veterans Throughout the U.S.

Asap System’s Passport uses barcode and RFID technology with Motorola hand-held computers to give users an efficient way to collect data in and outside the warehouse.
San Jose, CA (July 17, 2012)—ASAP Systems (, the market leader in inventory and asset tracking software, is helping nonprofit Segs4Vets to track and manage more than 1,000 Segway electric personal transportation units given to veterans who are permanently disabled after suffering sustained injuries while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.
ASAP Systems Passport software uses barcode and RFID technology with Motorola hand-held computers (mobile scanners) to give individuals the ability to quickly and easily collect information and data about their assets or inventory anywhere at anytime— in the warehouse or in the field.  Passport has been instrumental in helping Segs4Vets to automate and streamline the tracking and management of their assets and inventory from any location in the country.
“We were having issues tracking our inventory manually,” …

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Beta Version of its Barcode and RFID Cloud-Based Asset Inventory Tracking Solution

ASAP Systems ( the best-in-class inventory and asset tracking software with barcode and RFID solutions, today releases the beta version of its cloud-based asset tracking solution.  The beta version is now available to all customers looking for a cloud-based solution to track their high-value, high-use items and assets.
San Jose, CA (March 27, 2012)—ASAP Systems, the best-in-class inventory and asset tracking software with barcode and RFID solutions, releases the beta version of its cloud-based asset tracking software solution.  The beta version is now available to all customers looking to manage their assets via a cloud-based solution.
The ASAP Systems cloud-based asset tracking solution will enable customers to utilize Passport Assets anywhere they have an Internet connection on any type of device, whether it is a tablet, smartphone or a mobile barcode or RFID scanner from Motorola.
“With the release of our new cloud-based Passport Assets software solution, our customers now have the …

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Inventory and Asset Barcode Based Tracking and Management Software Announces Multi-Language Module

ASAP Systems ( today announced a new multi-language module for customers who want to configure their Passport inventory and asset management software to a localized language other than English, thus increasing the ease of use and workflow efficiency while tracking inventory, assets and items for its global audience.
San Jose, CA (July 26, 2011)—ASAP Systems, the premier provider of asset and inventory, stock, warehouse management system software for business and government, announced the addition of a multi-language module that will address their global customers worldwide.  This new module will further expand Passport’s self-configurable inventory and asset tracking core products to give users the power to track anything and everything in the language of their choice.
“Customers are no longer restricted to just English,” says Elie Jean Touma, president and CEO of ASAP Systems.  “We are a global company and our software reflects that.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve …

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Event Based Alert Notification System for Its Asset and Inventory Tracking System

ASAP Systems ( releases an event-based alert notification system that significantly enhances their best-in-class inventory and asset tracking software, allowing asset and inventory managers the ability to assign alerts to specific transactions or events and receive either an automatic SMS text message, email notification or executive dashboard alert without any user interaction.
San Jose, CA (August 3, 2010)—ASAP Systems, the premier provider of asset and inventory, stock, warehouse management system software for business and government, today announced the immediate availability of an enterprise-class alert notification system for its asset and inventory tracking solution which will provide asset and inventory managers mission-critical information in real-time.  This alert system enables more pervasive communication that complements ASAP Systems already existing rich set of features.
“In today’s competitive business climate, having information regarding your high-value assets and inventory is crucial for business success.  Our new alert platform has full configurable option built-in, giving our users the …

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Scheduled Reporting Module that Enables Inventory and Asset Managers to Schedule Reports to be Automatically Emailed on Recurring Basis

ASAP Systems ( releases a report generation module for its latest version of Passport inventory and asset tracking software, allowing executives and managers to receive critical, up-to-date business intelligence on an automatic recurring basis.
San Jose, CA (June 8, 2010)—ASAP Systems, the premier provider of asset and inventory, stock, warehouse management system software for business and government, today announced the release of its latest module; Scheduled Reporting.  ASAP Systems’ customers can set date-time triggers within the application to auto run any report a user chooses from the ASAP Systems’ wizard-driven report engine.  This module allows the users of the software to create, modify and save their own reports and to schedule these reports to be automatically emailed on a recurring basis.  Scheduled Reporting allows for daily, weekly and monthly triggers including time of day.
“In this competitive marketplace, having business intelligence at your fingertips enables the business owner or executive to make …

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Automated Alert and Notification Features for Inventory and IT Assets

ASAP Systems ( Launches New Automated Alert and Notification Features for its Inventory and Asset  Management Software Application.
San Jose CA (July 07, 2009)—ASAP Systems today announced the release of an Automated Alert and Notification feature for its Passport Inventory and IT Assets barcode-based software application.  This new addition to the Passport platform will allow users to set Alert Triggers within the application to notify any designated person or group via email or cellular phone text messaging of any changes.  Here are three typical examples of how this advanced communication feature is implemented:
Example: Our Passport Inventory customers can set the system to receive an email or a text message to his or her iPhone, Blackberry or Google phone to be notified if the inventory level of a certain item in a specific location just dropped below a preset minimum value (click her for screen shots).
Example: Our Passport Assets customers can set …

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Press Releases in 2005

Santa Cruz, CA (July 19, 2005)—ASAP Systems, a leading provider of automated barcode inventory solutions, today announces the launch of their new partner program—offering consultants and resellers the opportunity to apply for partnership status.
ASAP Systems now provides turnkey inventory and asset tracking solutions designed especially for third-party representation. The newly released versions of these barcode-based inventory systems are easier to learn and more intuitive than ever, making the sale and support of these products very simple.
“We’re very excited to open the door to these types of partnerships because, staying true to our company mission for excellence, we want to serve our customers and partners with only the very best inventory management systems, service, and support,” stated Elie Touma, president, and CEO of ASAP Systems.
The new partner program offers generous revenue sharing options, preferred technical support, sales and marketing resources and more.  ASAP Systems offers this program with no sign-up fees …

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