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Passport Asset and Inventory Management Software Helps Segs4Vets Track Thousands of Segways Donated to Veterans Throughout the U.S.

Passport uses barcode and RFID technology with Motorola hand-held computers to give users an efficient way to collect data in and outside the warehouse.

San Jose, CA (July 17, 2012)—ASAP Systems (, the market leader in inventory and asset tracking software, is helping nonprofit Segs4Vets to track and manage more than 1,000 Segway electric personal transportation units given to veterans who are permanently disabled after suffering sustained injuries while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

ASAP Systems Passport software uses barcode and RFID technology with Motorola hand-held computers (mobile scanners) to give individuals the ability to quickly and easily collect information and data about their assets or inventory anywhere at anytime— in the warehouse or in the field.  Passport has been instrumental in helping Segs4Vets to automate and streamline the tracking and management of their assets and inventory from any location in the country.

“We were having issues tracking our inventory manually,” said Allon Rodin, the IT expert who advises Segs4Vets. “Imagine, every three months we’re presenting forty or so veterans with new Segways. We have to track thousands of units and their associated parts.”

The Passport mobile tracking system allows Seg4Vets volunteers to simply scan and record information remotely as they hand a Segway to each veteran recipient.  In addition, Passport’s low cost, ease-of-implementation and flexibility to change as the organization grows made it an ideal fit for the nonprofit.

“We need to know at any moment where we are as an organization: Where are we shipping from?  Where is each unit being stored?  Who are we shipping to?” said Rodin.

Passport also improves the accuracy of asset and inventory tracking, which is critical for tax and audit purposes. Using the software, users can generate reports on the fly that show inventory levels, depreciated values, locations and more.

The applications for Passport cut across almost every major industry, including healthcare, government, educationmilitary, agriculture and banking.   And, the fact that Passport gives individuals the ability to track assets and inventory anytime and anywhere means that companies and government organizations can simultaneously track in the field and in warehouses, stock rooms, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, supply rooms and packaging plants.

Agriculture, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), fire rescue and disaster recovery are a few of the industries in which immediate access to asset and inventory data in the field is invaluable for performing their day-to-day operations.  For example, during disaster recovery, EMS and fire-rescue units need to know the specific location information in real-time for advanced life saving equipment.  The Passport solution provides that.

“Segs4Vets is changing lives by giving mobility to disabled veterans,” said ASAP Systems President and CEO Elie Jean Touma, “and Passport is changing the way many businesses and areas of government operate in the field by giving people access to mission-critical data in real time.”

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Read a full case study on how Segs4Vets is using Passport to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their asset tracking.

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We are ASAP Systems, a market leader in asset and inventory tracking solutions that use barcode and RFID technology with hand-held computers (scanners) and smartphones. We help improve your institution’s profitability by eliminating manual data entry, paper files and forms and by automating records and other documents.  With Passport, you know 24/7 how and where assets and inventory are received, stored, used and disposed of— in the warehouse and in the field.  With more than two decades of experience in asset and inventory management, we have developed unmatched expertise in customizing solutions to fit almost any budget, technical or user requirement.

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