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Launch of the Signature Capture Feature on the Mobile app for its Online Inventory and Asset Tracking System BarCloud

<p >San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

ASAP Systems today announces the release of its new feature, Signature Capture, on the BarCloud mobile app for its online inventory and asset barcode solution, BarCloud. This new element to the BarCloud mobile app adds an additional layer of verification on inventory transactions that take place from receiving and moving stock items to checking in/out and disposing assets. Signature capture improves auditing performance and efficiency.

Signature Capture collects and saves the signature of the person receiving and disposing inventory and assets. This feature can be used to approve tasks for all types of inventories such as batch-lot with expiration dates, serialized, and serialized with quantity.

In addition, users have the ability to configure Signature Capture settings within BarCloud web to determine whether a signature is enabled or required when completing transactions on mobile devices.

“Along with other exciting new features to BarCloud, Signature Capture was the most requested from our customers, and by focusing on our customer’s demands, we are able to continue making BarCloud more efficient and user friendly,” said Greg Wachowiak, Director at ASAP Systems.

BarCloud continues to provide businesses the proficiency to manage inventory and track assets online efficiently using barcodes. With the BarCloud mobile app on smartphones and tablets, businesses are able to control their inventory and assets effectively when they are received, stored, and used and disposed of in the field.

About ASAP Systems

BarCloud and the BarCloud mobile app are available to companies and organizations as an online and mobile application for tracking and managing inventory and capital assets. Data is centralized in a single online workspace, making it easy for employees to share real-time updates, reports and more.




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