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ASAP Systems Announces New Adjust Stock feature for BarCloud

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA (PRWEB) February 06, 2018

ASAP Systems, the leader in inventory management and asset tracking solutions, recently released a new adjust stock inventory feature to BarCloud, their cloud-based inventory and asset management software. This feature gives users an addition level of flexibility by allowing them to adjust stock count without having to re scan their entire inventory.

An optimized, properly managed inventory is an important facet to any business that utilizes physical inventory à la warehouses and stockrooms. An Accurate inventory count lets managers know what they have in stock and what they need to order, and cuts down on under / over stock, theft, and inventory shrinkage. The adjust stock inventory feature lets users adjust the inventory count based on a physical count without having to re-scan the entire inventory, saving them time and giving them more control over how they work with the software and their inventory. In BarCloud users are able to select this feature by clicking on the adjust inventory icon located on the Barcloud stock menu and from there they can change the inventory count and provide additional information such as location, expiration date, inventory ID number, as well create transaction notes detailing why the adjustment was made. Additionally this feature provides an extra level of security and control as it is only accessible to users who sign in as an administrator or are granted permission by an administrator, making it a great feature for multi location warehouses and stockrooms.

The adjust stock inventory feature grants BarCloud users the option to adjust inventory based on physical counts rather than re-scanning, increase ease of use and overall flexibility. The ability to add notes and to see adjustment history gives this feature accountability and control, making it easier for administrators to implement this system with peace of mind. “Our goal is to make BarCloud an even more flexible and power option for new and existing users, to give them more control in how they choose to manage their inventory” said Kenneth Paul Atrat, Director of Sales Engineering, “I think many users will find this feature helpful.”

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