Pack & Ship Feature

Shipping stock inventory is fast and easy with our barcode inventory system, Passport. Passport integrates with FedEx, UPS, and DHL so users can process shipments straight from the Passport inventory management system interface. Users can add details and print FedEx and UPS shipping labels to complete the process in just a few steps.


  • No need to exit the system

  • Reduce data entry with pre-populated shipping details

  • International shipping through DHL

  • Same options as major delivery services

Select Shipping Options

Select service provider, enter package drop-off type (in-store or scheduled pickup), and select shipping date.

Easily Pack Then Ship

Quickly and easily pack stock inventory and ship straight from the inventory management interface.

Use Barcode Mobile Devices

Process all transactions directly from your smartphone or mobile barcode scanners.

Reduce Shipping Mistakes

Our inventory system will alert you when you have over packed a particular inventory item.

Confirm Inventory Packed

Simply confirm on the barcode scanner screen that the correct items are packed.

Log Previous Activity

Look up history on all inventory items that have been shipped.

Configure the Shipping Process

Pack and ship can be configured in a number of ways by allowing the user to process a transaction, require a signature, create a shipping, or all of the above.

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